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How is Subhash Ghai related to "Slumdog Millionaire" & my questions about the OSCAR. (Did You Know - 6)

26 Jan, 2009 | Articles on Cinema / Did You Know!

The title may seem to be confusing, but this article has got a surprise element for many of my friends here. Before coming to the main subject I would like to mention that this write up of mine is for true music lovers who can listen to a song and judge it without having any partial attitudes and preferences in mind. So it may find some opposition but if you have a good ear and understand music through your heart then you will like to agree with what I have to say here.

Firstly about Subhash Ghai’s relation with “Slum dog Millionaire” :
If you listen to the first song of the Soundtrack of SM, “Ringa Ringa” then from the start itself you will find it like heard before. That’s because the song starts exactly in the same style as “Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai” from “Khalnayak” directed by Subhash Ghai. Surprisingly there are too many similarities in both the songs that you cannot ignore the inspiration angle here.
A. Both songs are pretty similar in music, rhythm and arrangement section. The starting notes and the chorus parts are almost same. (Ku Ku Ku turns into Rig Rig Ringa)
B. In both the songs, there are controversial lyrics sung by the main lead. In “Choli Ke Peeche” a girl is being asked about what is beneath her hot dress. And in “Ringa Ringa” the girl is explaining the pain & discomfort she is feeling because a small insect has gone into her dress.
C. Both the songs have two voices, one of the main girl and the other of an old lady who is asking the questions to the girl (with all those sounds of “Haye” & “Oye Hoye”).
D. Now the great one, both the songs are sung by Alka Yagnik & Ila Arun.
If you are a good listener than you just cannot deny that the song is inspired.  I think Rahman must have been given a brief that a song like “Choli Ke Peeche” is needed. That may be the reason he came up with such inspired track.
I am curious if Subhash Ghai has noticed all these similarities….I think he must have but is silent.
A.R. Rahman has just given the music for Subhash Ghai’s latest movie “Yuvraaj”. And while making the music for the Salman Khan starrer, guess which song Rahman offered Subhash Ghai for the movie.
It was “Jai Ho” which was played to Subhash Ghai by Rahman, but he didn’t find it matching the western musical theme of his movie. So after Ghai’s rejection the song was played to Danny Boyle and his Indian Team. They selected the song for their movie and now the same song is nominated for the OSCARS in particular. Was it a miss by Subhash Ghai ?
No, I think we have a lot to share and discuss here regarding the music and song nomination of “Jai Ho” in the OSCARS.
A.R. Rahman music director of SM, is a person who I admire, love and consider as the National Treasure of our country. But as true fan, I have some reservations about the soundtrack of “Slumdog Millionaire” representing the huge Himalayan talent of our own Rahman in the west.
I am proud to see A.R Rahman in the nominee list at the OSCARS and waiting for him to bring us the trophy home but deep in my heart I know that Rahman is much bigger talent than SM. He has given us more greater musical gems in the past and also consistently coming up with more appreciable projects, like in his latest “Delhi-6”. It’s not that SM soundtrack is not good but I really feel that there are more better works of Rahman which should have been nominated much earlier in the years gone by.
And that arguably makes me think that this nomination for the music is more due to the foreign associations of the movie and its director Danny Boyle who has a good track record in the Festival & Award Circuit. If the West has to know our dear Rahman in a better way, then they are advised to listen to other memorable soundtracks and albums from his repertoire.
Now I ask my readers here for a true music lover opinion :
1. Is the soundtrack of “Slumdog Millionaire” worth the nomination in OSCAR.?
2. Wasn’t “Vande Matram”, “Maa Tujhe Salaam”, “Rang De Basanti” and latest “Delhi-6” more better work of Rahman, capable of getting the nomination?
3. Why was Rahman not nominated till now, whereas he has given more superior soundtracks in the past if compared to the current “Slumdog Millionaire”?
4. Till now Rahman has been associated with many international project (like Andrew Lloyd Weber, Lord Of The Rings). Was the OSCAR Jury waiting for his association with a movie based on Indian Poverty to give him the deserved Nomination?
Now the million dollar question?
5. If the song “Jai Ho” was a part of “Yuvraaj” and not “Slumdog Millionaire” then would it have been nominated in the OSCARS. (Or even heard by the OSCAR people once!)
So I sense some funny games being played around but taking it in a positive manner, I am waiting for the picture of Rahman with the OSCAR on the front page of all newspapers in the world.
Proud of our Indian National Treasure – A. R. Rahman

Waiting for your views & comments…

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