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Hrishikesh Mukherjee's \"Naukri\" (1978) & Frank Capra's \"Its a Wonderful Life\" (1946).
07 May, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / N

Naukri - Bobby Talks Cinema.comHrishikesh Mukherjee’s not so famous movie “Naukri” (1978) featuring Rajesh Khanna and Raj Kapoor together, is based on a plot originally adapted by Frank Capra for his immensely popular classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” released in 1946. The story features a person getting help of an angel after his death. The God Sent person makes the hero realize that when he was alive he was so important and loved by all around him but he couldn’t recognize it.

In the Indianized version Rajesh Khanna plays the man who meets the angel Raj Kapoor, after his death. The movie is not as enjoyable if compared to other famous Hrishi Da’s social and comedy movies but still it is based on a unique and novel theme, though an inspired one. 
Infact it seems that Hrishikesh Mukherjee must have been a fan of Frank Capra cinema. Movies of both the master film-makers have a simple and middle class feel, which touches your heart. If you are lover of Hrishi Da’s movies then you must watch Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “It Could Happen To You”, “A hole in the Heart” and many more of his lovable classics.

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07 May 2009 / Comment ( 2 )
V. Manohar

Naukri is a story about a unemployed and physically challenged young man who cannot makes his ends meet. This character is played by none other than Rajesh Khanna the Superstar- no body else would have the guts to take such role in the peak of his career. He dreams and in his dream commits suicide and bumps into a ghost- jolly old showman Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor teaches Rajesh Khanna reasons to live and why people should not give up. Rajesh Khanna wakes in the morning and decides to fight his way and not to commit suicide. A classical type of movie directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee who always gave better roles to Amitabh but here this role could only be played by the Original Superstar. The movie makes you sad but leaves you with a hope that we must live on. Rajesh Khanna is great in this simple role with Raj Kapoor putting in his charisma. The movie may have bombed but the spirit of the movie is worth a watch- it may have bombed as it released at a time when violence,vulgarity and Amitabh ruled and may be the movie got ignored. This is a CLASSIC movie- a must see for ALL.

Bobby Sing

Thanks V. Manohar for you detailed comment.
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