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Ijaazat (1987) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

25 Feb, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Ijaazat - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

While living the later years of his existence, a lonely male character suddenly meets a lady (in a railway station’s waiting room), who was once the most important part of his life but had parted and gone onto living her own path, in her own way. What happens when two such persons meet unintentionally, how they remember the loving, personal moments they had shared and how they see the reasons of their separation once again with a new perspective is the subject of “Ijaazat”.

A very intense, emotional and loving movie from one of the most expressive poet, writer and director, Gulzar. The plot even gets more enjoyable with two great artists Naseeruddin Shah and Rekha coming together on the silver screen. Anuradha Patel completing the triangle also gives the most memorable performance of her short career. And another major asset of the movie is its melodious music by R. D. Burman. In fact he has done a great job in putting the unconventional lyrics by Gulzar into his beautiful compositions. The songs blend into the scenes and the narration beautifully.
For a certain section of audience, the movie may be slow and unmoving. But as an answer to that, you got to have a loving heart to feel “Ijaazat”. There are moments of silence in the movie having a language of their own, and there are some well written one liner dialogues to enjoy as an emotional visual treat offered by the director. In simple words, it’s another not to be missed gem from the master film-maker, Gulzar. You are sure going to find this movie and its soundtrack both in the collection of almost every bollywood movies fan living anywhere in the world.
Directed By Gulzar
Starring : Naseeruddin Shah, Rekha & Anuradha Patel
Music : R. D. Burman

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25 Feb 2009 / Comments ( 8 )

This site contains pure Authenticity, as i said earlier hats off to bobby sirĀ & n-joy.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Rakshit for your kind appreciation.
Do keep reading and enjoying....


Ajay Jayaraj

Just watched this masterpiece from Gulzar...fell in love with him, his narration, story telling, timing of the flashbacks and the way he puts it all together....each dialogue carefully chosen and crafted...gem of a movie...!

More than brilliant performances from the lead actors Naseeruddin Shah, Rekha and Anuradha Patel...and Shammi Kapoor\'s short role adds a much needed mystical touch too...

And "Katra Katra" and "Mera Kuch Samaan", I do not know of any other songs which had so much impact in a story line...Who says songs do not fit in a movie especially when you have 3 magicians - RDB, Gulzar & Asha to create something like this...!

Surely the best Hindi movie I have ever watched....I am sure there is a lot more to explore....

A movie still so fresh...needless to say it was much much ahead of the time it was released...

Bobby Sing

Great to see Ajay that you loved "IJAAZAT" so much, coz there are also people who rate it a totally mis-directed film by the one & only Gulzar Saab.
Anyway, if you loved it then I would like to suggest that go and watch every film of Gulzar as a director and study his works at the earliest cause they are worth spending your every minute on them.
So Happy Watching,



well, ijaazat is really a masterpiece by gulzar.But again ijaazat was a remake of Tapan sinha\'s bangla film Jatugriha just like his mere apne was a remake of Tapanda\'s Apanjan.But of course Gulzar always made remakes with total permission from the original makers and usually did a very good job at it.

note:please watch Gulzar\'s Namkeen.it\'s really a wonderful film.

Bobby Sing

 Yes Raunak, I have seen "Namkeen" and I still remmeber the tune of the song the two singers sing together.
And yes GULZAR does add his own inputs to his films even when they are the remakes of their originals. 

But your comment also inspires me to write a post on this angle of GUZAR movies too and I will surely write it very soon.

sagar chaudhari
Hi bobby...When at firstly I heard he song KHALI HATH SHAM AAI of this movie I was eagerly to watch ijaazat movie. ..

Movie is excellent . The period (art of shooting) in the movie shown is giving feelings like today s era/ period despite it was shooted in 1986.hope I would enjoy those days

The title song chhotis kahani se magically refreshing my mind when I hear the same song.....

Thannx to gulzar asha and rd burman
Bobby Sing

Hi Sagar Chaudhari,
Thanks a lot for visiting and writing in.

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