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Inside I'm Dancing (2004) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

28 Jun, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

If a film talks about a character who is physically disabled and not able to move any part of his body other than his face or neck then you ought to have all your sympathy and wishes for the poor chap and may like to skip watching it due to its serious theme. But if further it is revealed that despite of being in this terrible physical state the man still feels ‘Dancing from the Inside’ then you will surely be little confused as we don’t normally associate terms like Joy, Fun and Dance with characters as such.

And that’s where this movie breaks all the usual norms of story-telling, focusing on its particular theme of disability. As the title suggests it does make you realize through its appreciable vision that even a person sitting on the wheelchair can feel “Inside I’m Dancing” (its official title) like a normal being. He also can be full of the same bubbling energy which enables all to enjoy music, love and life to the maximum. Also released as “Rory O’Shea Was Here” this is a rare masterpiece which talks about two physically disabled friends who try to find their own freedom, moving out of their ‘Help-Home’ and then go on to experience their new fresh life-force together.

Its an amazing gem because it never makes you feel pity for its helpless characters on the screen for a change and refuses to seek any kind of sympathy from the viewers. Based on a brilliantly written script, it takes you on to a great lively journey of around 100 minutes full of sharp wit, self pride, pace, anger, jealousy and fun. Featuring sparkling perfect performances from the entire cast it actually surprises you with its entertaining content woven around a serious plot. Without revealing the actual storyline I would only like to say that here the director through his superlative narration tries to make the viewers exactly feel like his characters, who are sitting on a wheel chair but “Dancing from the Inside”.

In short “Inside I’m Dancing” becomes a highly recommended must watch since the film simply is not interested in talking about its disabled characters with the same old sympathy or sorrow leading to tears. Instead it makes a strong breakthrough in moving away from the usual emotional treatment of such plot and comes out to be a clear winner with few highly amusing sequences which both entertain as well as inspire. So do go for it at the earliest to feel the difference.

Director :
Damien O'Donnell
Writers : Jeffrey Caine (Screenplay), Christian O'Reilly (Story)
Starring : James McAvoy, Romoa Garai and Steven Robertso

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