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Inspiration behind The Inspiring \"Rock On\" (2008).

04 May, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / R

“Rock On” represents the new age cinema wave in Indian Film Industry. It truly deserves all the praises it has received from movie lovers all over the world. A well directed and brilliantly acted movie on an off-beat subject of an old rock band reviving again. It also has a surprise element in the form of 'Farhan Akhtar - the actor' who he is simply superb in the movie as the lead singer of the band.

But recently I found (by a response to my review) that the basic idea of this movie may have been conceived from“The Happy Life” a Korean movie based on music, released in 2007. It also revolves around the same theme of a band getting re-united after many years.
Apart from the musical theme, the reason why I was convinced of the inspiration angle, is the poster design of both the movies. I found the main poster of the Korean movie also very close and similar to the publicity artwork of “Rock On” (which is incidentally the cover of its audio cd too).
In any case, inspiration is for good this time, as the end result is a welcome change for Indian Cinema and its young fresh talent of budding filmmakers. The success of “Rock On” also opens new paths towards more innovative movies to be made intelligently in the coming years.

So Rock On ……..and keep rocking.

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