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Interesting fact relating Raj Kapoor's SANGAM (1964) to Mohan Kumar's AAS KA PANCHHI (1961)
18 Apr, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / S

Raj Kapoor’s famous love triangle movie “Sangam” is still remembered for its intense theme, brilliant performances and melodious music. The movie revolved around the story of two friends who find themselves in a tough situation when one of the friends, Raj Kapoor unexpectedly returns from the war-front and finds his dear friend Rajendra Kumar fallen in love with his own beloved lady, Vaijayanti Mala, in his absence.

Interestingly Rajendra Kumar, who played the other person in “Sangam”, performed a similar kind of role in his “Aas Ka Panchhi” released three years before “Sangam” in 1961. But here, the difference is that in the above mentioned movie directed by Mohan Kumar, Rajendra Kumar was in a role just reverse of what he played in “Sangam”.
In “Aas Ka Panchi” it is Rajendra Kumar, who joins the military force (as Raj Kapoor does in Sangam) and goes out of the scene for a while. Later (exactly on the similar lines), when he returns from his duty in the front, he finds his love interest getting married to his own childhood friend, who is a doctor. Amusingly Rajendra Kumar even sings a song in a party in the film, just like Raj Kapoor does in “Sangam”. And the most interesting fact is that his lady love in “Aas Ka Panchi” was also the same Vaijayanti Mala as in “Sangam”.
I wonder, did Rajendra Kumar or Vaijayanti Mala ever mentioned this reversal of roles to Raj Kapoor while performing in his epic movie.
Conversely, another worth mentioning fact about these two movies is that “Aas Ka Panchhi” was written by Mohan Kumar himself and had dialogues penned by the famous Rajindra Singh Bedi. But “Sangam” (which received more appreciation among the two), was written by the well known writer Inder Raj Anand. Now whether its a clear inspiration or not remains debatable.

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18 Apr 2010 / Comments ( 5 )
manish bhardwaj

I found the love triangle of pearl harbour pretty similar to sangam.

Bobby Sing

You are right Manish, as I have this article in my pending list.
So you will soon get to read about this in details.

Keep Writing In!



Yes manish
I was also searching for similarities between sangam and pearl harbour
I thought both movies love story plot may be taken on same novel or something!

Bobby Sing

Ok now since two of my friends here have pointed it out together, so I would have to take a look at the movie and then decide.



The beauty of this movie is not in the plot. Nothing new about the \'Othello Complex\'.The beauty is in the beautiful music, excellent picturisation and outstanding performances of the actors. One of my top five hindi cult movies.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Adilbaye for your valuable comment and keep visiting too.

Sudarshan Pandey

I think the difference is in the canvas and presentation between Aas Ka Panchhi and Sangam.Though honestly I feel that Sangam at some places it does not look convincing to me.

Bobby Sing

Dear Sudarshan Ji,
The point in the article is neither about canvas nor presentation or music or execution.
Its just about the similar story plot and two same actors doing it too.......that cannot be denied.

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