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Irony of Indian Cinema - Where even censored films can be dropped and violently opposed. (An overview by Bobby Sing)
16 Nov, 2017 | Articles on Cinema

Two films selected by the appointed Jury of this year’s International Film Festival of India, got pulled off by the authorities without any information given to the head or members. One of them also had its title changed as per the censor board instructions. Revolting against the act, the jury head resigns. On the other side a theater gets vandalized for showing the already censored trailer of upcoming PADMAVATI.

And all this happens for the content that has been legally censored by a government body that comes under the ministry itself, which raises a crucial question that what is the value of censor certificate, and what rights the producer has whose film has already been censored by the board after the necessary changes and edits.
For a more detailed article on the same, do read the write-up @ UC-News by Bobby Sing available at the following link:
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16 Nov 2017 / Comments ( 4 )
I totally agree with your stand. We should respect the decision of our censor board and should stand against these fringe groups. If they have a problem with the content, there are legal ways to deal with it. Threaten an actor or vandalizing a theatre is not at all justified! 
Bobby Sing

Thanks for your comment Anurag.
And you are very right about the legal way of opposing movies that should be followed.
It has happened with many movies in the past and keeps happening repeatedly.
Regarding comments I actually was out of station for the weekend do couldnt approve the comments.

Sorry for the delay.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.


Bobby, I completely agree with your article. In my opinion, the reason for the long continuing disparity comes because in the past, the censor board also, proved to repeatedly overstepping their bounds. As per my understanding, it's the board's job to certify a film and NOT dictate to make a film. With Pahlaj Nihlani at the head of the board, they miserably failed at this duty. Now, with Prasoon Joshi, hopefully, the board's duties and activities will be a lot more cut & dry.
And yes, I am in complete agreement with your article that other organizations such as childish political parties have NO RIGHT to decide how we, as democratic citizens, (though only on paper as India can hardly be called democratic in terms of the mindsets & repeated mob mentalities), can or cannot watch. The million dollar question now, is what can be done to put an end to such childish behavior like putting out a bounty on film personalities and foolish, backward threats to burn down movie theaters?

Bobby Sing

Thanks for you detailed comment and support Neel.
But the situations is really grim with no solution in sight even after weeks or rather a month now.

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