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Is there any place where GOD is not present? (Few Life Inspiring Words - 13)

28 Aug, 2012 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

Sharing this one of the most simple yet hugely insightful and worth remembering short story with all friends here, which I recently heard in a spiritual discourse given by Late SANT MASKIN JI on a Punjabi channel, who was & still is one of the most original and impactful spiritual orators till date.

A teacher always used to say or teach his students that, GOD is everywhere......in everything........and GOD is omnipresent.
He used to say this every morning like a daily ritual or prayer in his class.
But one day he hurriedly entered the class and suddenly asked a question that "Which is that place where GOD is not present?"
Now the students were pretty confused and couldn’t find any answer as they were not expecting or ever heard of such a question before.
Still after few seconds one student from the back raised hands.....to answer it.
And now it was the teacher's turn to be confused because he had just asked the question to check their attentiveness in the class and it was not at all a valid question to ask.
So he questioned with a strange look at his face to that bright student, "How can you answer this, because it is not a logical question at all......and I just asked to check the whole class and that's it."
To this the humble & intelligent student replied, "No Sir, Sorry for my misbehavior but this is A Very Valid Question as I see it and I do have an answer with me which I would like to share with your kind permission.”
"OK.....then Please tell me fast, as I would love to know that place where GOD is not present" asked the Teacher.
And the student said these few lines which made both the Teacher and me (listening to it) cry with twinkles in the eyes feeling HIS presence around us……………….......and he said,
"Sir, As I have felt and realised looking around the world we are living in.......there are not one but two places where GOD is not present...!
One HE is not there in our SAMAJH, in our understanding...
& TWO he is not there in our YAAD, in our remembrance....
So these are the two places where GOD is not present"
And I would love to remember that till the LAST.

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28 Aug 2012 / Comment ( 2 )

Beautiful piece from you after a long time. And very true also. Do we really understand HIM? A big question mark.
In our everyday life we tend to remember so many things....which do not matter in the long run.
We carry so many hurts and negative feelings with us.
In all this we forget the ONE who can take away all our hurts,worries.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Daman for your kind appreciation and Yes, as I remember hearing in a film,
"If people remembered the GOD in all their deeds then there would have been no need of COURTS and POLICE around us".


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