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JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI - Movie Review : Hangs in between and fails to entertain in the second half. (Review By Bobby Sing)

11 Apr, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

“Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai” the latest sci-fi comedy or love triangle, strengthens my two recent observations about our dear Hindi Cinema. One, that we are ready to experiment with fresh unexplored ideas and story plots, but still don’t have the guts to stick to the main subject throughout the 2 hours of its duration. And second, we still take too much time in the initial reels and are not willing to reveal the main theme of our project in the first few minutes itself. Till date we very religiously believe in properly introducing our characters to the audiences, along with a few song and dance sequences for their relief and then come to main plot of the story.

That’s what happens in JKSAH, when we are not shown the glimpses of the gorgeous lady coming from the other planet anywhere in the first 30 minutes of the movie. Instead we are introduced to the hero, his family, his sex maniac friend who stays with him day and night and his just found lady love from our own earth, in the first half an hour. It was really a strange step taken by the director, to hold up the things for so long when everything from the trailers to the posters were talking about the romance between the boy from earth and a girl from Venus.

Still, the saving point is that the proceedings don’t let you doze off due to many other interesting elements added by the director Milap Zaveri in the first half. Every key character in the story is working in a film crew, headed by Farah Khan herself in a superb cameo of a typical filmy director. This was indeed an intelligent thought put in by the writers since the viewers always enjoy watching the inside stories happening on a film shoot. The hilarious and witty moments in this particular part keep you alive and one actually doesn’t mind waiting for the girl coming from Venus for a while.
But the problems start creeping up, when the Alien girl, Jacqueline, arrives on our planet in the most bizarre way. She simply falls from the sky in the arms of Ritesh. Putting it straight, all the excitement of watching an alien girl interacting with the young boy and then loving him, gets shattered due to the lack-luster treatment given by the director to the plot. Within few minutes, the alien girl starts talking, behaving and dressing like any other girl on earth and that takes away all the charm and freshness associated with the novel theme.

Moreover the inclusion of the centuries old love triangle sequences in the second half push the movie into further lower platforms than expected. The moment the triangle comes into existence, it steals the entire entertainment factor from the movie and you just feel like waiting when it’s going to end. That’s what proves to be the real drawback of JKSAH when the director doesn’t stick to the amusing narration; he successfully delivers in the first half. And the climax comes as another nail in the coffin since it fails to provide any convincing solution to the alien problem faced by the loving couple.
Performance wise, there are few worth mentioning acts in the movie, which mainly include the highly entertaining cameos by the Industry stalwarts such as Farah Khan, Sajid Khan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra and Amrita Rao. An honest performance by Ritesh Deshmukh, who is now known for his mastery over comedy. A confident portrayal of an alien girl by Jacqueline, far better than her last “Aladin” and the pleasant presence of Sonal Sehgal who surely deserves to be given some better roles in the future. Apart from these, both Satish Shah and Supriya as Ritesh’s parents are able to provide few comic moments in the first half. Vishal is superb as Ritesh’s friend and Ruslaan shows signs of improvement in his Bollywood super star’s act.
Sajid-Wajid’s music sounds fine but they are not consistently coming up with some good songs as last heard in Salman’s “Veer”. Camerawork is just all right as the director doesn’t seem to be interested in using any kind of major special effects to enhance the overall impact of the story. So, the viewers expecting a good sci-fi romance out of it will be disappointed.
Concisely, though it suggests being an out of this world romantic movie involving an alien girl, still it has nothing talking about the space or life on other planets in the universe. The makers opt for a safe way not getting into heavy graphics and animations, but in return come up with a below average product which could have been much better moving around a plot like this. In reality it is just another routine love triangle movie, supported by an alien plot in its storyline. With a marginally good first half and a very poor second one, a Home Video DVD of JKSAH will be the best option to go for in the coming weeks.
Rating : 2 / 5

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