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JAANE TU YA JAANE NA - It makes you feel light and feathery. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

05 Jul, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Every film associated with Aamir Khan has got his incomparable influence and JTYJA has also got the same despite of the fact that it’s been directed by Abbas Tyrewala. The movie is fresh like a morning breeze though it has an old plot of “just friends and not lovers”.

No doubt, the brilliant music by A. R. Rahman is the first reason why you get attracted towards it, but after you have seen the movie, it’s the acting of the young brigade which stays in your mind. The director has given full freedom to the actors and everyone is chilled out in the movie with no signs of stress or expectations to be fulfilled.
The main points why the film works is its fresh outlook, new energetic & cool faces and above all the freak out language used in the script with carefree “Tu”, “Tera” in the dialogues. It just takes you away from the formal “Aap” attitude and makes you feel more light.
The story is not new and the narration is also quite similar to movies like “Chalte Chalte” (Shahrukh –Rani) where the friends are talking about the lead couple’s affair & marriage. But it’s the innocence of the new actors which works. The credit goes to the youth and young treatment in the movie. However there are certain scenes in which you feel the invisible presence of Aamir’s special treatment somewhere at the back.
In the acting arena, top marks go to Genelia Dsouza for her excellent act of a girl who doesn’t know that she is in love. She is what you remember walking out the cinema hall. And second comes the debutant, Imran Khan, who has acted just as he is simply not worried about the fact that it’s his launch pad. And for that he surely deserves praise. In the competitive world where every star son wants to outshine another, Imran shows that he damn cares about this competition and just wants to enjoy his work.
The seniors in the movie, Ratna Pathak Shah & Naseer are enjoying their roles which is nice to see. And a very entertaining act is there by the brothers Arbaaz & Sohail in their unique comic style. Paresh Rawal looked like repeating himself from another film. Rest all were quite natural and enjoyable.
Music by the maestro A.R. Rahman no doubt is outstanding with “Aditi” song standing at the top. Fresh voices surely have added more flavour to the movie. But I found the lyrics department rather weak. Apart from the “Aditi” track, rest could have been more expressive in content.
In few words, the movie is fresh, has a young feel and above all makes you feel lighter in the world of heavy burdens. That’s what makes it work.
Rating : 3.5 / 5

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