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JAB TAK HAI JAAN and its inspired poster which actually follows the trend started by James Bond's GOLDFINGER (1964).

23 Sep, 2012 | Articles on Cinema

The morning newspaper had this front page news in its entertainment supplement saying ‘Shahrukh Khan’s new film poster is all inspired’. The news was not surprising to me as I had seen the poster few days back and very well knew that it was inspired. But honestly the case here is not of just copying the source mentioned in the news and all the other net-posts, but its actually the trend of following a particular style or genre initiated by the James Bond Series in the mid sixties. And I really wish both the print and net media had brought the right picture in front of their readers rather than just serving some half baked news in the name of sensationalism.

Setting the records straight, this innovative style of showing moving images inside the shadow or the image of a person was first introduced in the opening credits of James Bond movie titled GOLDFINGER released in 1964. In fact Bond films always had an added attraction of their exceptional opening titles which used to introduce a new style with its each new release and you can easily see them all in some special videos posted by fans on the Youtube.
James-Bond In Bollywood this was adapted or copied in Ramesh Sippy’s SHAAN (1980) in the film’s opening titles only (as in the picture above) which had the song “Doston Se Pyar Kiya” sung by Usha Utthap being played in the background. The sequence had a girl wearing a body hugging white costume on which the films different actions scenes were projected which was a first in Hindi Cinema at that time.
More Inspirations
Now this innovation was recently also adapted by world cinema in the promotional posters of more than one films namely GRIDIRON GANG (2006), SPECIAL FORCES or FORCES SPECIALES (French) (2011), GONE (2011), ANGELS (Thailand) (2012) as shown below and probably many more.
So after going through this interesting tour of inspirations, it should be clear that Yash Chopra has not just copied for his JAB TAK HAI JAAN from any particular film’s poster but he has actually followed a trend which has been adapted by film-makers all over the world in the past more than once.

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23 Sep 2012 / Comments ( 9 )
Here is an article which exposes Hollywood\'s \'original\' Posters (there are 5 pages)

the various die hard ripoffs from America (there are 32(!) pages)
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Chris for these links and they gave me something really interesting to read and know.
Keep sharing such stuff with all here..


I don\'t know where to post this but I want to ask a question
are these tunes similar
from Yudh 1985

this was in 1987

I find the main tune \'danke pe chot padi hai\' similar to \'It\'s a sin\'. I know the riff/prelude is copied from \'yazoo\' in teh hindi song, but the main tune might be reverse inspiration.
weren\'t pet shop boys inspired by Kalyanji Anandji in \'Apradh\' (Aye naujawan) and the Don song (yeh mera dil)?
Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Where the YUDH song certainly takes a lot from YAZOO's Dong Go track but the same cannot be said about "Its Sin" as I feel.
However for the rest of two number do send me the songs you are referring to by Pet Shop Boys.

But since you seem to be really interested in this field of inspired songs then I would suggest you to visit www.itwofs.com and send a mail to Karthik the owner of the site who is not well known in this field and also respected by the music makers of the Industry.
And keep me updated too...!




Sir, why haven\'t I got a reply to my query yet?

Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Was caught in some work in the last week so could respond in time.
But do chek now as I have replied to all your comments individually.



This is the English song which samples 2 songs of Kalyanji Anandji.
I mixed Black eyed peas with Pet Shop boys, Sorry.

Bobby Sing

Yeas Chris, it surely uses the samples from their songs....I suggest you do send a mail about his to Karthik at www.itwofs.com and do let me know the info he shares with you further.


Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Just accidentally came to this link through a comment at FB and found that I had not informed you about the article on the two songs posted in 2013. So here is updating our discussion.


Hope you will like it.

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