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JAGJIT SINGH - The invisible companion of everyone in LOVE, moves on to his heavenly journey silently. (A Tribute to the Unforgettable Jagjit-I)

13 Oct, 2011 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Jagjit Singh-A Tribute by Bobby Talks Cinema.comIn the last few decades of music in our part of the world, there have been very few genuinely true artists who had so many hidden and deep dimensions in their blessed personality which cannot be highlighted in just a few hundred words of an article, deliberately written after their sad demise. In true words, I really don’t like the usual commercial practice of writing some quick articles with a hushed up research on great artists who have given so much to us in their lifetime despite of facing some extremely tough personal tragedies.

JAGJIT SINGH was unarguably one of those few lovable, knowledgeable and exceptional gems representing the world of art, for whom, our whole country and its every citizen can be hugely proud of. He was like a vital part of their daily life for most of his true fans who would readily admit learning their own lessons of Life, from his vast collection of many great and insightful Ghazals.
But the world has gone so cruelly commercial today, wherein every such tragic incident is just taken as a “Breaking News” by all the publications and TV channels on that very day and then just simply forgotten after the person gets turned into ashes at the burning ghats. Besides its nothing less than inhuman that the moment an artist’s microphone unfortunately gets turned into an oxygen mask, the news world starts giving instructions to its trainee staff to begin researching and collecting stuff related to the artist to be used after his death on the hospital bed.
And that’s the reason, why I was not able to write anything about “The One & Only Jagjit Singh” after even days of his passing away.
But today while listening to one of his most famous and precious works, I really felt an urge to introduce the younger generation with many hidden but valuable aspects of his professional life, which must be told in the right manner in order to justify his incomparable contribution to the world of melodies, especially to the genre of Ghazal and Thoughtful music.
To start with, it might sound strange to many friends, but the moment I heard the news, it was all calm after few initial moments of being sad. Because if you can understand the basics of a normal human span of life then Jagjit Ji lived his full 70 years of granted time, blessed with a burning passion of performing arts, which was in its full swing even till the last month of his sudden demise. In fact every true artist of his caliber would love to go in this way, just in between his announced LIVE performances or a tour. Its said to be the death of a KARMYOGI, who takes his last breath, while he is still working and enjoying his KARMA. And that is indeed the best way to depart from this planet for an artist, which eventually has to happen one day without any exception.
The fact also makes me believe that JAGJIT SINGH was a great soul, who was blessed both with ‘A Successful Life’ as well as ‘A Successful Death’ by the Almighty. Honestly speaking, I would have really not liked the irreplaceable impact of old age further making ‘the already harsh life’ of my dear artist, moving into more darker caves in his last years.
So, accepting the Only Truth of Life, that is DEATH, I would happily like to say my LAST GOODBYE to the man who was & will be always there in my room, with his mesmerizing voice filling up the sadness around me, spreading a pleasant mystical fragrance forever.
The man, who lived like an invisible dear friend of millions of people in Love, all over the globe, from every age group starting from the adolescent years to the last.
The artist, who was a constant companion of countless people in both their happy and sad times, comforting them with his soulful, heart-touching renditions.
The Ghazal maestro, who stayed with his every fan in those painful periods of Separation (Judai), through his thoughtfully selected, well composed and brilliantly sung ghazals.
And the voice, which worked like a soothing balm taking all your sorrows away, for anyone listening to it, irrespective of any language barrier or origin.
Reminding me of the day when Ustad Ji (Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) passed away around 15 years back, I can say that artists such as Jagjit Singh & Nusrat Saab never die or wither away from our memories ever in our own lifetime. They stay with us forever and that is a sweet truth, which cannot be denied by anyone loving them dearly from his heart. Therefore, our dear Jagjit Singh frankly deserves, not a sad but a Happy Farewell from all his fans, kissing him a loving goodbye with twinkling tears in their eyes.
He took away all our pains with his great inspiring works, throughout our lives. So now it won’t be fare to give him the same sadness back again when he has departed. Hence, he indeed deserves a great celebration kind of farewell from all of us, who loved him immensely like a wise elder in the family.
However, as an ardent fan of the maestro from almost 3 decades and also having blessed with an opportunity to work with him on a project, I do not feel satisfied in giving him a usual Tribute with only this one write-up for the readers as a mere ritual. A phenomenon like Jagjit Singh, gives you so much to share and write about, that it will take a series of articles for me to introduce you with many hidden facts about The Master, which essentially need to be told to all his fans, especially to our younger brigade, who may not even realize today that what they have actually lost.
So, I am just signing off here to be back soon with the second part of this tribute to the maestro, but would like to end with these four true words describing the enigma saying:
“Tum Gaye, Ghazal Gayi”

Cheers to the maestro performing up above in the sky,

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13 Oct 2011 / Comments ( 18 )
A Desai

Bobby Ji,

Thank you very much for this wonderful article. He will indeed live forever in form of his soulful voice.
It was a huge shock for me as I have spent my teenage listening to his music. Be it work hours, tired evenings or late night parties with friends, his voice was integral part of my life.


Bobby Sing

Thanks for sharing your thoughts too A. Desai and He will always going to be there with us forever.

Vikas Saitya

Dear Bobby
"Honestly speaking, I would have really not liked the irreplaceable impact of old age further making \'The already harsh life\' of my dear artist, moving into more darker caves in his last years." Exactly the same feeling I have regarding his departure to higher life. THANKS A LOT


Bobby Sing

Thanks for appreciating the thought, Vikas and I will soon be posting the second part too.


Raja Shah

Dear Bobby,
Does your site have a search facility to search for a review by a movie name or actor etc? I think it is essential. Today, i was searching for your review of MBKD (as i saw it last night ), but it is a pain to browse through all pages before the right selection, especially on Iphone or Ipad!

Thank you for consideration,


Bobby Sing

Yes Raja, it does have a Search Option.
Just scroll down and see in the right hand column below the Videos strip. You will find it there.

Vishal Dhavan

Shukriya Bobby Sing JI...

I Really cry from my heart... jab mai ne ye khabar suni ke JAGJIT JI nahi rahe... muzhe mere kai dosto ke phone bhi aaye, par maine unse yahi kaha ke it\'s not true… ye such nahi hai... aur mai sahi tha JAGJIT JI tab Hospital me the... maine sabhi se dukh me par has ke kaha mai kabhi galat nahi ho sakta khaas kar ke mere JAGJIT JI ke mamleme to nahi... jis din maine JAGJIT JI ke hame chodke jaane wali khabas suni tab mai lagbhag tut sa gaya tha... us din mai waha gaya tha Chandan Wadi me JAGJIT JI ke aintim yatra me... mai andar jaa nahi paya wahi khada raha chandan wadi ke bahar waha bohot bhid thi security bhi thi, kai celebrities bhi aaye the waha... us bhid me lagbhag kai log sirf celebrities ko dekhne aaye the bohot gusaa bhi aaraha tha unlogo par, par ye gham ka mahol tha... saare log chale gaye par mai bohot der tak khada tha wahi us Chandan Wadi ke upar uthte hue dhue me mei Mere JAGJIT JI ko mehesus kar raha tha... us aakhri waqt ke saath wo hamesha se mere saath hai mere DIL me... aaj aapka ye article padha aur such me firse dil ro pada... wapas us din ki yaad aagai... mai wo din apni zindagi me kahbhi nahi bhula paaunga... Phirse ek baar Shukriya Aapka Bobby Sing Ji jo aap ne mere JAGJIT JI ke baare me itna kucha likah... pata nahi par aap ka ye article padh ke muzhe raha nahi gaya isi liye ye lkiha kuch galat ho to maaf kijiyega... I REALLY MISS YOU JAGJIT JI... BUT NEVER FORGET YOU... FOREVER...


Vishal Dhavan

Bobby Sing

Thanks Vishal for your emotional and honest comment which truly shows your endless love towars the maestro.
I really have lots more to write about Jagjit Ji from a different and unique viewpoint which might be new for many of his fans.
And I will surely let you know whenever I post it at the website cause I would love you to read it for sure...

Till then do keep listneing to his immortal works and Keep Writing in,

anurag gupta
We should thanks god who gave Jagjitji to india.Their timless compositions are immortal.
we salute him
Bobby Sing

Thanks Anurag for your loving comment remebering the legend.

prabuddh pancholi

Just came to your site through a link by FB friend. Your review on Zanjeer (newly released) was not only subtle, but your concern also touched. Remakes are mockery of Great classics. I find treasure by finding your site. Your words, narration all will help me to celebrate cinema more.

Bobby Singji, just one small query .. being ardent fan of great Jagjit Singh, I click on "Tribute to unforgettable Jagjit - a series of artilces" I read one and its awesome, but I could not able to find other articles in the series. please help.

Bobby Sing

Dear Prabuddh Pancholi,
Thanks a lot for visiting the site and for your kind words of praises on my sincere works.
I hope you would love reading all the other articles here at the site about cinema, music and poetry too.

Regarding the articles on Jagjit Singh, I would like to admit that when it comes to writing about the persons I love the most, I find it real hard and require a lot of courage to do so. But after reading your comment, I would try to come with a rare one soon as there is lot to write about the maestro which others havent mentioned yet.

So keep visiting and writing in (and you can also joint me at facebook through the link given at the right coloumn)

Just to share the information....This year India Post had released a commemorative stamp on Jagjit Singh of Rs 25.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Pradeep for sharing the information here with the link.
Though many true fans already be knowing it, but still it will sure benefit many who were not aware of this great honour anyhow.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,


Recently just listening Chupe Chupke Raat din aanson bahan yaad hai in late night by gulam ali, we all know him well and love the voice of maestro.. but who was the lyricist who club all the pearls in form of necklace. He was Maulana Hasrat Mohani (1 January 1875 - 13 May 1951) was a Romantic Poet of Urdu language, journalist, politician, parliamentarian of British India, besides a being a part of the Indian Independence Movement. \'Inquilab Zindabad\' was coined by Maulana Hasarat Mohani in 1921

I cant believe to read that such diverse background people exist.


Bobby Sing

Dear Pradeep,
Its a pity and largely a wrong practice in our part of the world that musical creations are more known by their singers and not the writers and its composers. So you are very right in your observation mentioned about the writer Janab Hasrat Mohani.

However regarding his lesser discussed political stature I would like to inform that do watch Shyam Benegal's SAMVIDHAAN 10 part series (available at Youtube) as its about how the Constitution of our independent India was written. And the serial also features Janab Hasrat Mohan sitting in the parliament itself contributing his thoughts at regular intervals.

Hence he did play an important part in the formation of our constituion too along with writing exceptional poetry.



S K Sabhani

Dear Sir,
Thanks For Sharing This On His 75th Birthday. Such A Mesmerising Voice. God Resided In His Voice. Incidently Mr Nida Fazli Sahab Who Penned -Har Taraf Har Jagah Beshumar Aadmi...Sung By Jagjit Sir Died Today.

Such A Void, I Am Afraid Won\'t Be Filled. But Life Goes On. Please Keep On Posting About Him.

Sabhani SK

Bobby Sing

Dear SK Sabhani,
It was great to read your loving response to the article remembering the blessed soul.
Would surely try my best to post more on him soon. 

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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