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JAI MUMMY DI - Another casual and routine romantic comedy written around Delhi Punjabi families taking its basic idea from a Vijay Anand classic. (Review By Bobby Sing)

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It has to be credited as an achievement, as Luv Ranjan has slowly and steadily formed his own group of filmmakers and actors, which he keeps introducing along with repeating them in his various projects as a producer or director. JAI MUMMY JI is another of his projects as co-producer, wherein he presents debutant director Navjot Gulati who had earlier written RUNNING SHAADI (2017) having a similar Punjabi backdrop. 
The film has its lead couple Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall coming straight from one of the frames of PYAR KA PUNCHNAAMA or SONU KE TITU KI SWEETY and also has cameos played by Nushrat Bharucha, Ishita Raj and Varun Sharma (towards the end) along with veteran Poonam Dhillon and Supriya Pathak as the two rival mothers.
Reportedly the project got delayed which might have affected it adversely but in the present form it fails to make any kind of impact on the viewer and writer-director Navjot Gulati certainly misses a big opportunity given simply wasting a more than decent cast including names such as Alok Nath, Rajendra Sethi, Danish Hussain, Neeraj Sood and more apart from Poonam and Supriya.
As a writer he picks up the basic idea from Vijay Anand's classic TERE GHAR KE SAAMNE, changes the gender of two loud rival fathers to mothers and adds a typical Punjabi backdrop making an interesting comic-mix that could have worked, had the writing been strong enough to repeat any similar magic. On the contrary, remaining far away from the evergreen entertaining original, JAI MUMMY DI turns out to be awfully loud and poorly written and performed film that forces you to ask that did it really sound exciting on paper or in the narration session giving by the writer-director.
The film right away begins on a forced and desperate note with a repetitive feel, foolishly showcasing Punjabis (in Delhi) as people who just keep drinking, dancing, shouting and fighting with their rivals satisfying their huge egos, and this all has been written and directed by a person belonging to the same community. The disappointment continues right till the end when the secret behind the mothers-rivalry gets disclosed. And this disclosure happens to be the most terribly written part of the film that works as the last nail in the coffin and you just want to move out of the theater forgetting the dreadful experience.
Other than the bizarre and irritatingly over the top acting, it as usual has some hit Punjabi songs remade and included in the film suiting its Punjabi background. But the soundtrack doesn’t have something that can even be called a saving grace or relief.
In short, JAI MUMMY DI is a poorly executed film that never becomes exciting even for 15 minutes in its duration of around two hours with the worst being its climax simply ruining the premise. Despite being a comedy it isn’t funny at all, whereas as a take-off from TERE GHAR KE SAAMNE it should have been at least a decent, entertaining film set in the present day context.
To be fair, the only positive I found in the film was its look and ambience designed by its art and costume department that at least offers something to enjoy on screen. Possibly viewers interested in these department might find it much better watching it on the online platforms.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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