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JANNAT 2 - Based on the same old Bhatt formula of music, sex and crime but this time along with heavy use of silly abusive dialogues. (Review By Bobby Sing)

04 May, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / J

To start with this is not at all a sequel from any angle. It neither has the characters nor the storyline in any way related to the first Jannat. In more exact terms, this is not even J of the Jannat released in 2008 which was a fair entertainer with some good music. Apparently some fine songs are here too but as far as content is concerned, it ranges from all repeated & predictable to mostly uninteresting and even boring. In fact this is a perfect example of how production houses have now started making fool of the viewers with these so called sequels which have nothing to do with their part one.
JANNAT 2 is strictly made on the fixed format of film-making followed by Vishesh Films in few of their recent projects which you might recall reading the next lines. In this set format, the movie begins with the leading man and a sequence showing him involved in a certain (novel) kind of crime. Then they introduce the charming heroine and the love plot starts between the lead pair making way for few good songs. The first half mostly deals with the love angle along with showing the crime working in the background. Around the intermission the lead couple marries and enters their new phase of life. Post interval certain twists are introduced with some fresh characters and the girl comes to know about her husband’s connection with the crime world. This leads to few emotional confrontation scenes resulting in the hero’s heart transformation who then fights back to get away from the underworld. And then it all ends on a tragic note with a shocking kind of climax.

Now if you can remember then the above mentioned format is exactly followed in Vishesh films 3 ventures namely, Jannat (2008), Blood Money (2012), Jannat 2 (2012) and to some extent in also Crook (2009). The only difference between these films are the kinds of Crime world, the hero is caught in, which changes the whole look of the film giving it a different feel. Like in Jannat – the hero is a Cricket betting bookie, in Blood Money – he is involved in International Diamond smuggling, in Crook - he is a lawbreaker who gets related with the racial attacks abroad and in the present Jannat 2 - he is dealing in Arms Selling also known as Gunrunning in the underworld.
Continuing with their passion of making inspired films, this time the crime-plot is taken from Nicholas Cage’s Lord of War (2005) and one of its posters takes its inspiration from The Mechanic (2011). No doubt the plot was a novel and interesting one for the Indian audience but sadly it never gets exploited on the screen in the much required manner. The film stars off pretty well with the sequences of Emraan selling the guns and making fool of another crook. But then just after a few minutes, it falls back on the usual track, giving you a severe shock of some heavy abuses repeatedly used in the dialogues, which can easily be rated as disgusting coming from this reputed banner.
As I see it, the Bhatts from their experience in the film-trade, very well knew that they didn’t have anything great in the storyline of their over-publicized sequel. So to add an extra attraction, they decided to use this heavy foul language in the dialogues of almost all the lead actors, in the name of “demand of the script talking about north-Indian characters”. But while watching the film one can easily judge that these were all included deliberately to gain the applause and seeties from a particular section of viewers, especially in the smaller centers. In straight words, the director and the makers have tried this desperate kind step just to make sure its reasonable success at the box office in its opening weekend. But in my opinion, it remains the weakest point of the J2 as it never looks like ‘natural’, coming from almost everyone in the film in a forcible manner.
Music, being the strongest part of all Bhatt films works here too with few good, hummable songs from Pritam. In fact the Soundtrack can easily be called the only good thing in this so called sequel. Background score is ok but Cinematography adds a lot in the criminal backdrop of the film, including a well shot chase scene at The Dargah. As an actor Emraan Hashmi, takes away the applauses just for his cuss words spoken loudly and not for his acting. Randeep Hooda looks like the same in his all types of scenes but still leaves a mark in few. Regarding the debutant heroine Esha Gupta I would only like to say that Bhatts can easily make any gorgeous girl the heroine of their film as she only has to look pretty in her steamy scenes or kisses and has to do very less of acting on the screen in these kinds of scripts. So that should easily give you a hint that what she has done in the film.
In the supporting cast both Brijendra Kala and Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub are great but Arif Zakaria gives you nothing new. Another point which needs to be written here is about the writers and their weird kind of sequences related with the heroine’s hospital. She is strangely running a Big Free Hospital single handedly without any staff, doesn’t has the money to pay all the Hospital bills and also has some amount to payback to few criminal looking people who keep barging into the hospital for their recovery. Now how on earth Mahesh Bhatt, didn’t point out such silly writing in the script remains questionable? Also J2 is yet another film which once again reveals the faulty working style of our Censor Boards who have no problem with all the cuss words spoken in a big banner's film, but force to use a beep in place of them in a low budget project "Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi" released just last week.
In all, this is one of those desperate movies of Vishesh films which is too eager to become a HIT through an easy way of few good songs, steamy kisses and all un-required abusive words spoken loudly by their Hero. So if you are really interested in these three ingredients then you may opt for it at your own risk.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 (Including 0.5 more only for its few good songs)

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04 May 2012 / Comments ( 4 )
Good Review..!!!
Expected the movie to be the same..Just change of Crime..!!!
Bobby Sing

Thanks for your comment Vighnesh and glad to know that you also spotted the similarities in the storyline with just the change in crime here.



I have seen the movie and its a amazing one.
Totally crap review.

Bobby Sing

Hi Smriti,
Thanks for visiting and writing in.
We all have our own choices and I respect your opinion.


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