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JASHNN - Movie Review : A stale love story lacking entertainment. (Review by Bobby Sing)

17 Jul, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Vishesh Films and Bhatt brothers are known for their successful track record of intense and musical love stories. But their latest movie “Jashnn” does not have the content to impress, as expected from the reputed production house. The movie, which falls in the same genre of “Rock On”, has got a very routine & uninspiring treatment given by the director duo Hasnain –Raksha. And therefore has nothing new or surprising in the offering for the viewers.

From the first scene itself, you can sense that this is a story of a not so rich, wannabe singer who will fall in love with a wealthy girl. But still, since the movie comes from the Bhatt banner, one keeps waiting for some unpredictable sub plots to unfold on the screen. Sadly, nothing happens, and the movie goes on & on with many lifeless sequences, shot in a usual way. In other words, the film lacks the high excitement level, required for an intense musical love story (especially if coming from the Bhatts).
In real terms, apart from some well acted emotional scenes, the movie fails to hold your interest both in pre and post interval segments. The first half is the same, as seen in several love stories before, where the love blossoms between a rich girl and a struggling boy. And the second half, is even more tiring with many unwanted and lengthy scenes asking for a better edit. Unlike their (Vishesh Films) previous hits, “Jashnn” also has a completely uninspiring climax showing a lackluster contest being won by the hero in a very jaded style. So, content wise, the movie scores too low at its entertainment quotient and has no unique special point to mention.
However, performance wise it has a brighter side, with a few well written and brilliantly acted scenes between Adhyayan Suman & Shahana Goswami playing brother and sister in the movie. Their powerful confrontation dialogues make you remember the great intensity seen in the old & famous masterpieces from Mahesh Bhatt. And this is the only worth mentioning point of an otherwise unentertaining movie coming from the Bhatt camp. Adhyayan Suman shows the spark, but only in a few particular scenes. Hence, he still has to work hard to score a perfect 10. Anjana Sukhani looks cute and fresh, giving her best to a routine role. Humayun Saeed is a complete surprise delivering an unexpectedly fine act. But the best one again comes from Shahana Goswami, who is simply superb and growing better with every new film of her.
In the music department too, “Jashnn” fails to make a stronger impact as expected. With only one or two worth listening songs, it does not have the right tracks required for a musical love story. And the same can be said about its cinematography, which is just fine and normal. But here I will surely like to mention a major flaw in the script and direction, observed towards the climax. Throughout the movie, Adhyayan is shown to be having a musical band with 3 more friends. But strangely, in the climax contest, he decides to perform a solo song, keeping all his three band members aside. Even if he arrived late in the contest, how could he perform a solo number simply ignoring his other 3 members of the band, selfishly? That was indeed a great thought by the writer and director for their climax.
Summing up, if you go by the reputation of “Vishesh Films”, then “Jashnn” is surely a disappointment, with only one silver lining in the black clouds and that’s Shahana Goswami’s performance.
Ratings : 1 / 5

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