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JHOOTHA HI SAHI - Movie Review : An overconfident product after a major musical Hit. (Review By Bobby Sing)

04 Nov, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

If you have a big musical hit riding heavy at your back, then it really becomes tough to meet the huge expectations with your second movie. At times directors have managed to deliver an even better product as the second project in the past. But Abbas Tyrewala fails to surpass his own set standards of a good musical love story with JHOOTHA HI SAHI.

Starting off with an interesting yet very lazy sequence of John Abraham, receiving wrong phone calls from young suicidal people, the film opens on a pretty confusing note. Though John tries hard to pose as a dumb and self-doubting person in contrast with his famous persona, but the powerful off screen enigma of the star doesn’t let you believe in the character he is playing in the movie. And that’s where the film fails to impress the viewer from its very first scene which is also long enough to make you feel restless.
Further taking his small references from various Hit western projects and again naming the film on a Hit Bollywood song from the Golden Era, the other mistake made by Abbas in JHOOTHA HIS SAHI is to cast his wife Pakhi in the role of the leading lady. The girl, who also happens to be the writer of the movie, has no doubt got some beautiful and appealing looks, but she actually lacks the required star-presence standing in front of the dashing John Abrahm. Pakhi surely could have proved her talent in a more convincing way in another low profile movie. But here as the leading lady of John, she completely looks like a misfit with no exciting chemistry visible between the two on the screen and also looks pretty aged in several shots.
So mainly ‘JHOOTHA HI SAHI’ doesn’t work because of its wrong casting choices made by the same director who gave us the hit JAANE TU YA JAANE NA, which ironically had worked only due to its perfect cast and its freshness. Moreover this time, instead of having some emotionally rich sequences, Abbas surprisingly stresses more on lengthy verbal confrontation scenes between his characters which even become intolerable at regular intervals in the film. For instance, the over the top scenes between the pregnant girl and her sincere boyfriend, the suggestive dialogues between the gay characters within the friend circle, the un-necessary remarks on the people living in India and Pakistan and a highly filmy climax leave you simply unmoved.
Moreover the leading lady remains the most confused character in the script (written by herself) as she keeps shifting between her two boyfriends John and R. Madhavan towards the end of the film. And that also raises an important question in mind that why Madhavan consistently keeps featuring in such kind of post interval roles where he is not given anything concrete to do on screen. In short on the performance front, there is no one coming out with something exceptional in his or her portrayal of the given role. And therefore the film is not something which can be stated as “From the director of JAANE TU A JAANE NA” as written in its posters.
Musically too, JHOOTHA HI SAHI is not the kind of stuff which was being expected from the hit pair of Abbas & Rahman post their major musical HIT JTYJN. Few songs like “Cry Cry”,“Hello Hello” and “Jhoota Hi Sahi” are good but I strongly feel that our audience appreciates the music of a HIT film more than the below average one. Had this been a good movie then its music surely would have been enjoyed more by everyone, in a different manner altogether. So in a way, the soundtrack gets less attention from the viewer due to the below average result of the project overall. Having said that I also feel that the music of this film may have suffered due to the other major projects being handled by the maestro in that period too as it gives you this feeling in bits and parts in its songs.
In all, JHOOTHA HI SAHI can be called as an overconfident product which falls way short of its huge expectations, becoming the victim of its wrong casting choices by the director. So unless you really wish to watch the strong John in a weak role, just restrict yourself from seeing this.
Review : 1.5 / 5

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