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JIA AUR JIA – Criminally wastes two talented actors so irresponsibly. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

27 Oct, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Two young independent girls meeting each other for the first time on their holiday trip to Sweden might have sounded exciting enough on paper as an entertaining road-movie shot in a foreign locale. But the concept never appears to be even close to anything exciting or entertaining as a final product despite the presence of a free-spirited Kalki Koechlin and the sensual Richa Chadha playing the two stranger friends with an identical name.
Beginning with the instrumental version of the golden hit ‘Jiya O, Jiye O Jiya Kuch Bol Do”, the film doesn’t offer anything fresh or engagingly novel and has many amateurish sequences enacted in a sleeping mode by the cast including Arslan Goni (as the leading man). A poorly written film without any vision as such, this is a perfect example of how to waste two talented actors on board giving them not even a single worth praising moment in the entire 92 minutes of duration to be precise.
(Spoiler Ahead)

May be the film was made to promote Sweden Tourism (directed by Howard Rosemeyer) or perhaps both Kalki and Richa signed it considering it as a short fun trip abroad with all expenses paid or maybe it was financed by a fresh entrant in the trade as his dream come true. But whatever have been the case, this also happens to be yet another film that reveals how obsessed Hindi filmmakers are with the plot of ‘terminal-illness’ since ANAND even after four decades of its release in 2017. In fact after every 2-3 years we get to see a film incorporating the same plot presenting it in a different form.
In short, as a film JIA AUR JIA is an utterly silly project that somehow got approved by its producers/production house for their own reasons (ruining another classic song of the past). So you can easily give it a miss both in the theater as well as on a channel telecast or online release soon in the coming weeks.
Rating : 0.5 / 5
(An edited form of the article was also featured in UC-News mobile app in October 2017)

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