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JODHA AKBAR - An unexpected, brave & successful attempt. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Feb, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Ashutosh proves himself once again with his New Age Epic and gives a new dimension to the word ‘GRANDEUR’ in Indian Cinema. The very first thing I suggest is that don’t consider it as an Historical movie, rather see it as a fiction and keep aside all the controversies related with Jodha, her actual name and her relationship with Akbar. The second thing I would like to say that as most of the people took it as a miscast movie, “its not”. The casting is just perfect and after watching it you cannot consider any other actor portraying the role of Akbar among the young generation so brilliantly except Hrithik.

Hrithik is again at his best and has done full justice with his character. Especially he is incomparable in the scenes where he shows his anger. Equally impressive is Aishwarya as Jodha and she provides all the dignity and beauty needed by her character. Here I would like to add that the promos of the film are only 10% of its actual worth, so don’t be mislead by them. It is purely a love story in the background of ruling Mughals & their conflicts with Rajputs.

There are many scenes which are among the main highlights of the film which include :
1. Hrithik taming a Wild Elephant.
2. Sufi Dance by Hrithik in the song “Khwaja Mere Khwaja.”
3. Bhajan Chanting being heard in a Mughal Emperor’s Darbar.
4. The Sequence of Akbar Jodha with Sindoor.
5. Death Sentence to Adam (Akbar’s cousin brother)
6. And the Man to Man fight sequence in the Climax.

The movie starts slowly and is less impressive at the start. It starts picking up after 40 min and then keeps growing on the viewer. By the time it ends you don’t seem to mind its more than 3 hours duration, but still it could be trimmed at the start and also could do without a couple of songs. The second half is surely more engrossing than the first.

A. R. Rahman is excellent with his background score but is less impressive in the song department with only two enjoyable tracks “Azeemo-Shan Shehenshah” and "Khwaja Mere Khwaja". The Sufi Qawwali has got a mystic touch given by the maestro which takes you to a trance. Moreover, you feel heavy influence of western instruments in the score whereas the film is a period drama. So they could have been replaced by ethnic Indian instruments according to the time period of the story. The Camerawork and Art Direction are among the best and they impress to a great extent.

The entire star cast excels and after the lead pair, among the top are Sonu Sood & Nikitin Dheer . The surprise act is by Mrs. Poonam Sinha as Akbar’s mother. The voice over of Amitabh Bachhan is also just apt for the grand project. Hrithik seems to be born for the role and Aishwarya looks as an eternal beauty with her majestically designed costumes and jewellery.

Ashutosh Gowariker makes a statement with this project and proves that he has got the vision to think of Hrithik as Akbar and also the capability of making an Epic movie with this grandeur. He also takes utmost care of the Hindu Muslim thought involved in the story. Still the Hinduism factor is somehow given more mileage in the movie. The climax sequences with endless plains and desert in the background reminded me of “Lawrence of Arabia” which is indeed a compliment for Ashutosh and his team.

To sum up, it’s a movie to be enjoyed in its grandness on theaters only and for the brilliant performances of Hrithik and Aishwarya. This kind of a grand movie will not be there in many coming years, so don’t waste the opportunity by watching it on small screens. And also don’t miss it just taking it as a historical movie, there may be mixed reviews but you will surely enjoy it.

Rating : 4 / 5 (Watch it on big screen only)

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14 Feb 2008 / Comments ( 4 )

I missed the opportunity to see it on big screen but than also I just loved, I was thrilled by Hritik\'s performance as Akbar , he has given a new positivity to character of Akbar the great . I was awestruck by each and every frame of the film because of it\'s grand appeal . Only thing which was constantly going on in my mind while watching this film was how the hell Ashutosh Gawalekar has done this magnificent work how much hard work is involved in this film how much passion and dedication is required to make this kind of film , i got the answers of these questions by reading Ashutosh sir\'s interview in a book called Director\'s Dairies by Rakesh Anand Bakshi my questions are not completely answered because this book is not about Jodhak Akbar alone but than also it was satisfying to hear it by Ashutosh sir that he spent more than one and a half year in the pre production and doing research for this film . I know his hard word is nothing infront of K Asif\'s Mugal-E-Azam but in current time and current state of film making it is an achievement and contribution by Ashutosh Sir . A big thank you to him.
Bobby sir I am reading this book Director\'s Diaries and enjoying it. I want to request you that if you have time can you please read this book and write a book review on it , if you can do it i will feel very happy to read your views on this book .
Thank you

Bobby Sing

Hi Shubham,
Glad to know that you loved watching this film as its indeed a well made one from Asuhtosh by all standards.

Regarding the books, I have partially read Director's Diaries and would complete it soon. Had to leave it in between due to the more important, the first book on Hrishikesh Mukherjee coming in by a renowned author.
I will try to review it soon but hope you have read my book too that released almost an year back titled DID YOU KNOW Vol.1.



Hello Sirji,
Yes I read your book "Did You Know Vol.1" completely and I found your book very entertaining , intresting and informative , your book was a medium of infortainment for me because it entertained me and informed me about the most important aspects of indian cinema.

It was because of your book that I was able to attempt a question of general knowledge correctlly, this question that came in this years AIIMs entrance exam was this that :-

Who is the only Indian to win an Oscar Award for lifetime achievement and because of you I knew the answer that it is Satyajit Ray .

So, thank you very much because of you I earned 1 marks in the exam quite easily, but then also I was not able to pass the exam but that is altogether another issue.

Your book contains a lot of intersting chapters and I really enjoyed reading them. It was because of your book that I came to know that there is an english version of Dev anand\'s Guide .

It was because of your book that I came to know that Dev anand played main lead in a Hollywood flick in 1970.
t was because of your book that I came to know that Disco Dancer was major hit in Russia , earlier I was informed that Raj Kapoor had a big fan following in Russia and his films Awara , Shree 420 and other films were quite popular in Russia and his songs like Awara hu.... were translated in Russian language and were very popular amongst the people of Russia . But it was quite amazing and amusing to know that Mithun Da\'s Disco Dancer was also a blockbuster in Russia.

Your book introduced me to a Stalwart of Indian cinema Balraj Sahani , earlier I really knew nothing about him but now your book has created a curiosity about him in me and now I will try to know him in more elaborate manner.

Your book also gave me information about two of the most innovative and intreasting films of indian cinema - Cinema Cinema and Film he Film.

Earlier when I used to hear the name Utpal Dutt the only thing that came to my mind was Golmaal and his comic act in it but now because of your book now I know that Utpal Dutt is much more than just a comedian .

It was surprise to know that Hrishikesh Mukherjee was the man who made India\'s first sex comedy film .

And the last chapter of your book- Bold Hindi films dealing with the controversial theme of Incest was also a surprise read .

At last I want to congratulate you for writing such a informative book and now I am looking forward to read vol. 2 of your book , please publish it soon I will be waiting .

Thank you ...
And sorry for the late reply .

Bobby Sing

Many many thanks Shubham for your detailed message about how the book has helped you to know Hindi Cinema and its stalwarts much better.
It was really great to read your words providing the much needed encouragement to continue the work for my second volume with the same spirits.

So with a big thanks once again,

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