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JUDWAA 2 - Strictly to be tried if you are a die-hard fan of someone in the film & cannot miss it. (Review by Bobby Sing)

29 Sep, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

One of the most successful directors of Hindi cinema going for a remake (not sequel) of his two decades old hit reveals shortage of ideas and lack of willingness to take risk declared openly. But the questionable attempt still becomes acceptable, in case the director comes up with a much better film based on the same script with necessary new-age changes and a young cast.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case with David Dhawan’s reboot JUDWAA 2, since the film isn’t any better remake of his JUDWAA that was itself an official remake of a South hit back in the 90s.

(Click here to read about how JUDWAA2 is a rare example of being a remake of a remake of a remake).

It begins with the birth of twins exactly as it happens in the original and then keeps on going at the same pace without any major uplifting moments having an inferior second half making no impression whatsoever in terms of content. As a director David Dhawan tries his best to present the outdated storyline in a fresh avatar adding some new events including a short one reminding you of Gulzar’s ANGOOR too with the reference of a ring (in place of a necklace). But sadly nothing really works, not even the catchy songs, the pretty girls or dialogues incorporating many repetitive Whats-App jokes good for nothing. Surprisingly the supporting cast is criminally wasted in the film including veterans like Anupam Kher and Pawan Malhotra that actually happened to be one of the strongest merits making a big contribution in the success of director’s 1997 film. May be a father’s love came into the way of giving more emphasis to the supporting cast including such reputed names.
Among a few worth mentioning points about its music, it has a Ganpati song with an avoidable opening phrase that surprisingly finds no objection raised from any person or organization, which otherwise would have surely caused a chaotic hell, had it been addressed to another deity of a different religion or sect. Moreover, I wonder if the response would have been the same if the song happened to be a part of any of the Khan's film. Besides, the melodic phrase blatantly lifted from Deep Forest’s White Whisper track (also there in the original) is openly used again in the remake too in its background music.
Talking about Hindi comedies, the most common argument given in their favour is that these films need to be watched keeping your mind at home. To answer that, we are even okay with throwing the mind away for 2 hours in order to enjoy a good comedy. But for that, at least the film has to be good, offering many enjoyable sequences throughout with a lot of fresh comedy and entertaining dialogues. Offering the same things again and again equipped with shallow Whats-App jokes added in every second dialogue doesn't always result in any good comedy. In short I enjoyed David/Varun's MAIN TERA HERO a lot more than this 'unimpressive' latest remake.
Summing up, if you really wish to revisit those last spirited years of the single screen era in the 90s then buy the DVD of David-Salman-Karishma’s JUDWAA and watch it together with the family in this festival weekend. Believe me, you are sure going to enjoy the film at least 10 times more that this poor remake marginally saved by the energetic Varun Dhawan playing his first double role. Varun is certainly a star of the future in the making, but I hope he comes up with much better films than JUDWAA 2, not getting carried away with its obvious financial success.
Giving you another honest fact, JUDWAA was a hit film of 1997 but wasn’t any great or outstanding movie to be quoted as any cult comedy. However a lousy remake like this now does make it look like a major cult film of the 90s. And the only scene you enjoy in it is the one where the two Varuns meet the two original Judwaas in the climax.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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