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JUNOONIYAT - Where every decade essentially has a SAIRAT, it also witnesses hundreds of below average love stories desperately trying to be the one. (Review By Bobby Sing)

25 Jun, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / J

Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, who last came up with BUDDHA IN A TRAFFIC JAM, a ‘stuck’ political drama released after 4-5 years, JUNOONIYAT can easily be rated as one of the most casually made films with not even a single novel feature in terms of storyline, script progression, execution or performances of its lead couple. A project made in a ‘sleep mode’ will be the best phrase to describe it using an honest expression, as the film doesn’t even try to make an impression following an all dull and lazy vision right from its first tacky sequence to the very last.
In short, JUNOONIYAT has a first half typically made on the set Yash Chopra format taking a good 50 minutes to establish the romance using Kashmir, Punjab, a poem and a Holi festival song as usual. And then DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAAYEGE takes over the second with the climax also shot at a railway station bringing the entire family there looking at the kissing couple. But what actually makes you feel completely disconnected with the movie is the utterly fake portrayal of just everything ranging from army offices, army men, Punjab, Punjabi families, the college picnic, the runaway, the confusion, glossy marriages, the functions, the would-be husband and the finale making no impact of any kind in terms of love, romance or emotions presenting a routine drama.
Where the director conceives the film targeting the 20+ youngsters who were born after the era of DDLJ, the entire cast acts in the scenes as if they don’t really know that this all has been already done to death in the last two decades. So after a while you are not even interested in watching the beautiful Yami Gautam or the charming Pulkit Samrat doing nothing on the screen playing ‘the eternal couple’. In the supporting cast, Hrishita Bhatt is just there completing her next assignment but Gulshan Devaiah tries his best in all the repetitive scenes playing ‘Parmeet Sethi’ of DDLJ.
Made strictly as a 90s romantic saga without incorporating anything new or fresh due to some strange unknown reasons, the film also doesn’t have any great songs providing the much needed support including the remake of an old hit Punjabi track "Nachange Saari Raat" by Stereo Nation. So it’s just the cinematography that can be mentioned as the only merit of this lifeless romantic film made without any interest or vision as such.
Summing up, as love is the most beautiful emotion gifted to the human race, love stories will always remain the most favourite genre of film-makers targeting the young viewers.
However since every team is not capable of delivering a ‘new generation love story’, there will always be only one SAIRAT among hundreds of weak, wannabe trendsetters like JUNOONIYAT in every decade to come.
Rating : 1 / 5

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