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JURASSIC WORLD (English) - Its predictable following a set formula, yet well-made and engaging in its second hour providing the expected excitement. (Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Jun, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases


To tone down the expectations level first, it’s admittedly impossible to relive those startling moments, excitement and thrill of witnessing the giant dinosaurs on the silver screen for the first time ever (two decades back) with Steven Spielberg’s out of the world vision of Jurassic Park amazing the entire world. So moving ahead of any such comparisons, the world of dinosaurs is back after almost a decade of its last sequel, especially inviting the young viewers eager to witness the phenomenon in theatres (in 3D) for the very first time after having seen all its earlier parts on the smaller screen through their home video discs. Having said that, this fourth installment of the series thankfully holds some novel surprises for the not so young viewers too featuring one of our own talented actors Irrfan Khan in a significant and much bigger role as the owner of the beautiful amusement park.
In short, realising the pressure to deliver the content conceived in the time of much better CGI and VFX as compared to the last three parts, JURASSIC WORLD doesn’t disappoint and comes up as a fairly entertaining joyride with many fresh attractions in its kitty to excite one and all.
Co-written and directed by Colin Trevorrow, this time we have a much bigger and stunning theme park with the main attraction of a new genetically modified, extra ordinarily intelligent hybrid dinosaur called Indominus Rex. The killing machine gets introduced with a fine build-up along with the four terrifying raptors tamed by their brave trainer. And then we have a gigantic water beast too brought in with a terrific public show sequence providing the much expected thrills.
Following a set pattern that’s predictable right from the word go, the first half of the film is a visual delight establishing the new characters of two young brothers, their aunt who is the manager of the park, their ultimate savior and the owner trying to show the world some unbelievable creations of his hired scientists. Not much happens in terms of action in this first hour taking you on to the tour of this much advanced park and the tension actually begins when the dangerous Rex manages to escape from its specified secured area to kill every living being found in its way ahead.
As expected its the second half that has the entire action, thrills and fights between the man and the animal also showcasing hundreds of flying creatures attacking, terrorizing and killing the visitors of the park unlike any other sequel in the past. And that indeed turns the film into a much more bloody and brutal sequel in comparison. The deadly fight between the Rex and the raptors makes the young viewers cheer and the CGI department just executes it perfectly. However, the forcibly added romance element in the script is just there to generate some lighter moments and it’s the sheer predictability of the script that doesn’t let you rate it as something really outstanding ending on the same repetitive note as usual.
In the performances, Chris Pratt superbly plays the character of Owen with great conviction and Bryce Dallas is fine too in her given role along with the two kids. But its Irrfan Khan who gives you a pleasant surprise in probably the biggest role ever played by an Indian actor in a foreign film with such an elegant ease. Interestingly another life teaching fact about his association with the series is that, the man who once had no money in his pocket to watch the first part of JURASSIC PARK in the 90s, can presently be seen playing the owner of the park in its latest sequel of 2015 after two decades. Personally speaking, this certainly is one of the most amazing play of DESTINY I have ever seen till date.
Summing up, Colin Trevorrow’s JURASSIC WORLD is surely a must watch for every youngster who hasn’t experienced the famous dinosaur show in the big theatre ever before (preferably in 3D). Plus it has enough in store for the grown-ups too with new inventions especially incorporated for this particular section of viewers expecting something fresh. Yet, one would have to keep the comparisons out of the mind to enjoy it in a much better way taking along the kids to this ‘wonderful show of dinosaurs’ invented by Spielberg, Trevorrow and their exceptionally talented team designing the incredible graphics.
Rating: 3+0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 just for Irrfan Khan alone)

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