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Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Court Room Drama)

02 May, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Court Room

Court Room dramas are usually famous and liked by the die-hard lovers of the genre due to their unexpected twists and turns, interesting revelations and surprise elements introduced towards the end. The two attorneys fighting against each other with their own explanations and accuses, do excite many viewers feeding their grey cells.  

However, here is a movie which though has got all the essential ingredients of an intense court room drama, yet is not interested in only providing some thrilling entertainment moments to its viewers. Here is a film, which is capable of teaching you, the real meaning of a trial and is only concerned with talking about Justice and Justice alone. With its brilliant portrayal of the courtroom proceedings, it makes you understand the constant ongoing process taking place in the mind of a Judge, while he is dealing with an important and crucial case of a national importance. The director beautifully shows the dilemma faced by the Chief Judge, while making a choice between what’s actually right as per the law and what’s otherwise expected from him as a loyal citizen of his country.
Based on a fictional account of a trial faced by 4 Judges who served Germany during the Nazi regime, “Judgment at Nuremberg” cannot be considered as a routine court room drama from any angle. If you wish to watch it only for some more exciting thrills, written around just another murder plot as usual, then chances are that you may get disappointed big time. But if you are really a game for a thought provoking, exceptional and important film enlightening you about the bitter truths of the humanity, practiced in the historical Holocaust……., then do yourself a favor and watch this magnificent piece of art at the earliest.
A sequence in the film showcases the actual visual footage filmed by American soldiers after the liberation of the tragic concentration camps. And those few moments of the history are simply more horrifying than any other horror film you may have seen in your entire life. The footage can prove to be hugely disturbing for the youngsters who get to see it for the first time. But on the positive side, it teaches you the value of your present gifted life in a unique manner. The movie ends on a powerful note, when the Chief Judge reads out his final verdict serving The Right Justice, ignoring his own country’s essential need at that particular point of time. And thus explains the real meaning of a Court, Law & its Integrity.
Considered as one of the best All Time Classic Court Room Dramas till date, “Judgment at Nuremberg” - an Oscar winner, is a pure example of excellence achieved by its entire star-cast lead by Spencer Tracy as the Chief Judge, Burt Lancaster as the Accused Judge and Maximilian Schell as the Defense Lawyer. Superbly directed by Stanley Kramer, it’s a must watch for all who consider cinema as an important mode of expression, capable of giving a message to the society and a much bigger medium than just being mere another source of mass entertainment.

So search for the film, watch it at the earliest and give it a serious thought relating it with the present.
Directed By Stanley Kramer
Starring : Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Maximilian Schell, Marlene Dietrich & more.

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02 May 2010 / Comment ( 2 )
Murtaza Ali Khan

What a wonderful analysis, Bobby Ji... a must watch film... a must read review!

Bobby Sing

Thanks for your kind words Murtaza.
Keep visiting and writing in.

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