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KAAGAZ KE FOOLS - Such poor, directionless attempts only make it more difficult for all upcoming small projects and their makers. (Review By Bobby Sing)

24 Apr, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

If a director dares to keep a title re-using the famous title phrase of a classic Guru Dutt film in a questionable comic manner then he himself is inviting some harsh avoidable criticism from all corners. And further when the film turns out to be so amateurishly executed with not even a single impressive scene in its thankfully short duration then he should be ready to feel the burns even more severely for the immature product offered to his paying audience.
Giving nothing much to write about in details, KAAGAZ KE FOOLS actually begins stepping on the wrong foot right in its first sequence itself when you find both Mughda Godse and Saurabh Shukla speaking in all forced Punjabi dialogues with a pretty bad accent. In fact the hamming acts beginning with the first scene only painfully continue till the end along with many immature sequences revolving around a decent writer and his struggle to get his works published. The story doesn’t make any sense even when the film gets over and one keeps guessing that what exactly the team led by director Anil Kumar Chaudhary wanted to convey in their film.
The technical department of the project doesn’t come up with anything worth writing too including the cinematography, music, background score or editing. Plus apart from the sincere ‘Social Writer’ act from Vinay Pathak, every other participant in the supporting cast hams more and acts less with a highly artificial and irritating Punjabi feel. In other words, a film loses all the possibilities of making any kind of fair impression on the viewers if it has some cruelly miscast actors such as Mugdha Godse and the lady playing her mother speaking many poorly written dialogues trying to create the ‘Delhi Punjabi Mood’ as seen in the masterpiece VICKY DONOR. Raima Sen as the sex-worker also fails to make any kind of connect due to her badly projected character and same is the case with many others in the film adding to the poor show.
However mentioning the only impactful dialogue in the film, it looked like something directly taken from a Black and White classic of the past, when a friend tells Vinay Pathak,
“There is an old saying that when LAKSHMI is coming into your house then keep SARASWATI aside and don’t let her interfere in the proceedings.”

And replying to it Vinay says,
“My grandfather also used to teach that when LAKSHMI is coming into your house then take an extra care that it doesn’t result in ignoring or disrespecting SARASWATI pushing her in a corner.”

Nevertheless ending on another important note, its really strange that at one end many talented directors keep searching for the people who can invest in their projects giving them the much deserving chance. But on the other such avoidable scripts somehow find the way to reach the silver screen unfortunately. As a matter of fact, its these kind of poor, directionless and non-performing attempts only that make it more difficult for all the upcoming small, experimental projects and their talented makers.
Rating : 0.5 / 5 (Just for the crew working behind the screen….. unaware!)

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