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KAHAANI and its relationship with ANGELINA JOLIE.

07 Apr, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K

Sujoy Ghosh’s KAHAANI once again strengthened the rock-solid image and box office magic of VIDYA BALAN brilliantly performing in a tailor made role, winning hearts all over unanimously. The film, despite of having some big logical loopholes was a runaway success right from its first day of release and people loved watching it.
However it did remind me of two other English thrillers which had pretty similar sequences and concepts quite close to our own KAHAANI. Just take a look.  

1. A couple with a 6-7 months pregnant lady from a foreign land (USA) is on a tour of a famous Asian Country where her husband suddenly goes missing. He had just gone for an official meeting and then never returned or responded to her calls and simply vanishes under some mysterious circumstances. The lady even in her alarming medical condition starts investigating the case and is helped by a local police officer working on the case.

The above description is not about KAHAANI but it depicts the identical story plot of “A MIGHTY HEART” (2007) made on the real life abduction case of an American reporter Daniel Pearl by a terrorist group in Pakistan. The pregnant wife was played by Angelina Jolie and the local police officer was Irfan Khan supporting the helpless lady in the film.  

2. A female FBI detective realizes that she had committed a mistake in a particular case of a brutal killer and in the process had developed personal relationships with the killer himself. To rectify her error made, she poses as a pregnant lady, puts up a false plastic belly and then starts living in a lonely house in wait of the killer who she is sure would come to meet her due to her pregnancy. As the killerarrives,they have a fight in which, he kicks and stabs her right in the fake belly but gets stabbed back in the heart and dies. And in this way the brave FBI officer takes her revenge solving the case forever.  

Now the above plot description is again not from KAHAANI but from “TAKING LIVES” (2004) a not so successful crime thriller featuring Angelina Jolie in the role of a female detective who makes the plan of fake pregnancy to catch the real killer.  

To be straight, its tough to admit that Sujoy Ghosh might not have seen or was not inspired at all from both these movies for his own thrilling script, because KAHAANI has got clear elements of both the movies in its narration and the extreme similarities just don’t allow us think that way.


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07 Apr 2012 / Comments ( 9 )

Kahaani is really a Good movie.


I really enjoyed watching Kahani but yes the movie has plagiarized elements from some Hollywood flicks like "Taking Lives" and "Usual Suspects". I guess my nostalgia for my hometown Kolkata made me ignore these and other logical problems with the film. All in all I hope Kahani is a good start for the thriller genre that is so desperately lacking in Indian cinema.

Bobby Sing

 Yes surely it is among the best films of 2012 though sadly inspired too.
Keep visiting.



Hey I saw the kahani movie. It was really good. Vidya Balan did really good acting. They way she carrying herself through out the movie it was good. Nice too see her in different look.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for you comment DMKKH, but I would like to request that please dont put any URLs for the promotion of any film or so.
(The URL has been therefore deleted).



The train scene, where the lady is tried to be pushed down is inspired from a scene in \'state of play\'......there are couple of phone scenes, inspired from unknown...copy movie yaarrr!!!!!!:)

Bobby Sing

Thanks anotherblogger for your interesting & valuable comment sighting one more source of KAHAANI's inspiration.
Keep Visiting.


Amit Joshi

Dear Bobby Ji,
Yesterday I saw Khoj (1989 film). directed by Keshu Ramsay, starring Naseeruddin Shah, Rishi Kapoor and Kimi Katkar in lead roles.
It is one of the most underrated crime thrillar. Do watch and let me know whether it has any connection with Kahani...

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit,
We have seen all these films in the theaters in the 80s.
Though this didnt work at the box office, it was a good film, but was completely based on an English film that had already been adapted once in Hindi films.

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