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KAITHI (Tamil / 2019) - Action genre at its best with a terrific execution and extraordinary lead performance not to be missed. (Review by Bobby Sing)

15 Jan, 2020 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

If outstanding action in films of acclaimed directors from the west is wholeheartedly appreciated by their ardent fans in India, then KAITHI deserves the same amount of praises for its explosive action, mind-bowing conception and outstanding execution on screen with a towering lead performance by Karthi.
A complete mass entertainer emphasizing on its various actions sequences happening in the time period of just one night, KAITHI (meaning prisoner) impressively introduces all its characters and sub-plots in the first act and then takes you on to a roller-coaster ride with everyone contributing in the action led by Karthi alone.
A drug racket gets busted by police seizing 800 crore worth of drugs and the gangs are desperate to get it back from the basement of a police station. A constable joins the station on that very evening and a few college students are already there brought in for drink-and-drive offence. Around 15 police officers get poisoned in a drinks party, who now are lying unconscious waiting to be taken to the hospital at the earliest. And right amidst this chaos we have a hand-cuffed prisoner on parole entering the scene as their only messiah. On the other side, a little girl in an orphanage is counting the night hours for an unknown visitor to be there in the morning, who happens to be her father, Karthi - out on a parole, coming to meet her for the first time since her birth.
Every minute of the night counts from here on and every 10-15 minutes we have a new issue cropping up for Karthi trying to save the lives of those poisoned police officers, along with two brave men helping him achieving the impossible. The next 100 minutes have brilliant sequences of the drug-peddlers trying their best to attack both Karthi and the police station, drugs have been stored in. And the fantastic action repeatedly brings you onto the edge of your seat fearing the worst happening any moment.
The film written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj doesn’t have a detailed story plot but it’s not any typical revenge drama too that can surely be quoted as a merit. It beautifully works at different levels including an emotional sub-plot coming towards the end making you feel for the innocent characters as a father and his kid-daughter. The suspense of what is going to happen next, keeps you guessing and the director conceives it as a complete mass entertainer having its own share of creative liberties.
Besides the extremely tough action, the background score adds another exciting dimension to the pulsating proceedings (including an innovative theme song in English) and the cinematography literally kills it with many superbly shot sequences showcasing an exceptional lighting. In fact the camera movements are sure going to provide a lot to study to the keen observers and students of cinema. And then introducing the last surprising twist, the climax just blows off the screen and you truly feel thrilled watching it all as an enthusiastic fan of such explosive mainstream action cinema.
The only downer in the film is its over-presentation of the protagonist who can do everything possible on earth like a typical filmy superhero. But that doesn’t hit you hard as the writing gives a decent respect to every character in the screenplay including the college students and the only constable in the station. Plus the emotional finale further makes you forget everything else and you never recall the exaggeration as any shortcoming to be honest. Still, the film could have been a true classic of its genre if it had been more real, not consciously playing to the gallery.
Reportedly inspired from a news article, writer-director Lokesh presents KAITHI as a powerful film that can also easily be turned into a franchise and he does give a hint of a sequel coming next in its final scenes. 
Summing it all, KAITHI has everything you look out for in the action films of western directors like Quentin Tarantino. It has a superb build up, terrific execution and a remarkable lead played by Karthi as a complete natural both as a ruthless fighter and an emotional father. A character that will stay with you for many hours for sure, post the end credits.
Rating : 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (including the additional 0.5 for Karthi - for his exceptionally outstanding lead performance, performing the dazzling action) 

Note :  The film is available with English Subtitles at Hotstar movie portal and its suggested as well as requested to watch such gems in their original form, avoiding the poorly dubbed versions ruining your entire cinematic experience.

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15 Jan 2020 / Comment ( 2 )
Harsharan Singh

Will surely watch...  if you are suggesting it means a lot...people follows you because of your sincerity and unbiased cinematic perspective. 

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Harsharan Singh for your kind words of praise.
Do watch it as a must.
And Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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