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KAMINEY - Movie Review : More artistic touches leave you less entertained in the end. (Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Aug, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases


With respected names such as Vishal Bhardwaj, Gulzar, Ronie Screwvala and UTV, it is obvious that the project gets associated with huge expectations and craze even before its release. And if it also has a great energetic track, capable of bringing out all the hidden madness in you (Dhan Tan Nan), then the movie is destined to see long queues of cinema lovers at the box office window. That's really a good news for the Hindi Film Industry since after a long time, this kind of response is seen for a complete out of the box, dark and witty thriller coming from the thinking director, Vishal Bhardwaj.

So all geared up, we got seated excitingly in the theater, expecting a complete new chapter to unfold on the screen. And as the lights went off, we were served with a slow and uninteresting start having the expected dark feeling, which continued till the intermission. Truly speaking, the movie is not so gripping till the mid-point as compared to the previous works of Vishal. Though he succeeds in making a film on the similar lines of Quentin Tarantino & Guy Ritchie, but I found the entertainment factor quite missing in his current venture. Post interval, the movie has a better pace with some fast interconnected sequences featuring every single character in the screenplay. But the routine climax, with everyone killing each other leaves you with mixed feelings about this latest “Vishal Experience”.

The story moves around two brothers who are not at talking terms with each other but get unintentionally involved with different Gangsters. The identity mix up and a big deal of drugs involving the local police is the main plot of the movie. But the movie cannot be judged by its story plot alone, since it heavily relies on it’s out of the routine treatment and first of its kind of direction in Indian Cinema. The majority of Hindi Cinema viewers are not familiar with this kind of genre where you are not spoon fed each and every development in the plot. So, it should be clear, that “Kaminey” has not got the normal “Bollywood Entertainment” factor in it for a change. But will this change work favorably, is what I have my bets on.

No doubt the movie is conceived intelligently and directed differently by Vishal Bhardwaj. But apart from its technical brilliance, the sad part is that the film doesn’t have the HUMOR element at all as promised in its promotional campaign. The main USP of the movie, wherein Shahid speaks “F” instead of “S” in his dialogues, is used in a very subtle manner, whereas in the promos, this fun gimmick was used very aggressively. So the viewer keeps waiting for some funny dialogues or humorous sequences to be there but instead they have to laugh on the deliberate stammering act by the second Shahid (in double role).

The other major point to be considered is the unimpressive use of the Smash Hit song “Dhan Tan Nan” in the movie. The moment this song commences on the screen, you just don’t feel energetic or lively enough, as you may have felt watching “Sapno Mein Milti Hai” or “Omkara”. The reason may be that the song is shot without any specific dance steps and also doesn’t capture the free style freak out dance act by the characters clearly. The over use of extreme close-ups, strobe lighting effects and fast camera movements also took away the essence of an otherwise power-packed song.

In the acting department, Shahid Kapoor does well in his double role and stammering. He completely devotes himself to his director’s vision. However, I found the witty humor part missing in his character but still he comes up with one of the finest performances of his career. Priyanka Chopra tries her best in an underwritten role and manages to shine bright in all her scenes throughout the movie. The surprise act of Amol Gupte is quite pleasant since he delivers a fine controlled performance as The Bhai.

Musically, keeping the cult track “Dhan Tan Nan” aside, I found the soundtrack a bit less scoring then the earlier works of both Vishal Bhardwaj & Gulzar. Apart from the famous Sukhwinder number you don’t get that impressed by any other track while watching the movie. Camerawork is simply superb, giving the right kind of dark and grim feel to the project. But at times I missed a steady cam vision in the sequences.

In all, technically Vishal Bhardwaj comes up with a polished new age kind of crime thriller for the Indian viewers, which may generate mixed responses especially in the smaller centers. At one end, you like it for its unique & different approach adopted by the director. But on the other, you also feel less entertained as expected from its promotional campaign which projected the movie to be a roller coaster ride with great element of fun and humor. So in the end, we remain half way at the satisfaction chart with “Kaminey”.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


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14 Aug 2009 / Comments ( 16 )

You have some valid points in your review........
I also missed the jokes and the fun as expected.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Vicki,
I think I was expecting a lot more from Vishal this time.......and therefore have a different opinion from most of the reviews.

Looking for more comments from your side....


i have been reading your reviews from many months and found all of them justified.....i read ur "kaminey" movie review and still watched the movie but after watching movie i completely disagree with your rating for kaminey ...it deserved lot more than 2.5

it is one of the finest films this year

in fact it exceeded my expectations

Hats off Vishal

i would lie you to re-review ur rating for kaminey


Bobby Sing

Hi Lucky,

Thanks for being a regular reader and apprectiating.
Sometimes it adds spice to the discussion with different views and disagreement.

Regarding "Kaminey", as mentioned in my review, for regular movie freaks like us,
who have seen many masterpeices from all over the world, KAMINEY is a great
cinematic achivement. There is no denyl to that.

But I was only concerned about  more entertainment value for the common man,
who doesnt buy the ticket to study and understand cinema in details, but enters the theater
only to get some enjoyment. I found the movie lacking in that department.

Vishal managed to entertain in all his previous movies along with a different class of his own.

In "Kaminey" he does excels his own class and set standards but missed the entertainment mark a little.
That was my only concern.

Still its great to discuss different viewpoints this way.

Thanks for your comment and keep writing buddy...........Cheers!


Hi bobby ,

How r u doing ? i have seen "kaminey" yesterday and in the first 5-10 minutes i got the sense that it is a dark movie and it was and i had no problems with the plot and the entertainment factor was missing as u mentioned and the performance wise shahid as i expected did a wonderful job.

These days directors are coming with out of the box ideas unusual plots so i had no problems with the climax, the only problem which i had was there wasn\'t much usage of steady cam like i can\'t see a single frame for one second, there were some scenes which required the usage of steady cam other than action sequences.

Bobby Sing

Hi Jagadish,

I am fine and hope you are enjoying too. Glad to hear that as I mentioned in my review you also missed the steady cam. It certainly could have been used in some sequences.

And as i said the movie has got brilliant response intitally in the first 3-4 days specially in the metros. But from Monday onwards it has been slow in single screen and smaller centers. so in all it will  surely be a profitable venture for all, but will not be a universal HIT all over.

The movie is a masterpiece as per Bollywood standards till date, but in India, still a major part of the population is interested in getting the good old entertainment while they are in cinemas.

Had there been no "Shahid" and "Dhan Tan Nan" the movie could have gone "Sankat City" way as seen a few weeks back. Our audiences still go for the star system and musical richness in a project and that pays off quite well always.

And as everybody knows VISHAL made this movie with the intention of breaking the usual film making rituals in India and he emerged a winner in that respect undoubtedly.

Do Keep in Touch.....


Hi Bobby, agree with your review cent percent. I found many similarities between Sankat City and Kaminey. Sankat City, in my opinion, was far far better. Given that one was made in a budget of 5 crores and the other in 44 crores.
Same kind of plot, people from different parts of India, Priyanka\'s banter in Marathi was similar to Rimi\'s outburst in Bengali. VB tried too hard this time and everything was just scattered. He couldn\'t bring the pieces together. Fault of the script. Sankat City on the other hand climaxed to a very satisfactory ending and the script was fool proof.
I like reading your reviews. You have good cinematic sense above your shoulders.

Bobby Sing

Hi Swapnila,

Many thanks for your appreciation. Surprisingly, there is very less percentage of people speaking about the weak points of Kaminey on the net and media too.

Sometimes it really feels kind of fishy when suddenly at one end, everyone starts criticizing a film like "Kambakht Ishq" so brutally and verbally and on the other "Kaminey" gets appreciated by every one without talking about any flaws in it.

It was really nice to have like minded friends who think as I do about the said masterpeice.

Thanks for your comment and Keep in touch.

Take Care.


I guess that talking against VB has become a sacrilege of sorts. Kaminey looked too stuffed to me. It\'s as if VB wanted to put everything in there. And no one was really a kameena in the literary sense of the word.

The reason why the brothers hated each other was laughable and weak. The reason why their father committed suicide was pathetic. People even found poetry in the dog who sits sniffing while Shahid and Priyanka talk about getting married!!! Give me a break! Tashi hardly eveoked a scare. Bhope was just about OK. Guddu was spineless, a wimp. Maybe his character was written that way but I didn\'t find him endearing at all. Charlie should\'ve shown more kameenapanti.

Must say that there were a couple of brilliant and funny scenes. But a handful of good scenes don\'t make a good movie. You have to look at the overall picture. The ending was so hurried. Goody goody, finish finish.

By the way, do you interact at passionforcinema.com?? You\'re such a movie buff. You\'ll love it there. It\'s a great site. Very interactive and lots of directors hop in there every now and then.

Bobby Sing


Really it was great reading your thoughts on Kaminey, It felt like my views coming back to me as an echo.

The bottom line is that if what "Kaminey" showed, was supposed to be "Kameena" in literal sense, then we have already made and seen far better "Kameeney" characters in our movies. 

And I would rate K. N Singh & Ajeet more "Kameena" from simply anyone in this latest flick.

Regarding PFC.com

I havent interacted in Passion For Cinema yet. But visited there some time back. Surely would visit there again.

Thanks & Take Care


Yes I am agree that in some points the entertainment part is missing in the movie.
VB is inspired by Guy Ritchie, and you know Guy Rithie movies are always like this.............revolver, snatch, rock n rolla. But Indian public are not interested in this type of movies except the new generation.


Bobby Sing

Thanks Jeherul for your valuable comment .
Looking for more from your side...and thanks for loggin in.


hi bobby could u tell me from which foreign movie has vishal copied Kaminey?
Bobby Sing

Hi Starwar,

"Kaminey" is neither a rip off nor completely based on any particular movie.
Actually this is Vishal Bhardwaj own adaptation of a unique genre of movie famous in the west.
Yes, it has got inspiration but only for the treatment of the project and its feel.

The people who have seen the works of Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Stanley Kubrik in movies such as
Pulp Fiction, Snatch, Revolver, RocknRolla, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrells, Sin City and more.
They can relate to this genre and appreciate it.

I also read in an article that Vishal himself showed many of these movies to his crew before started shooting for "Kaminey" as he clearly knew what kind of product he wanted to make.

So as far as Indian Cinema is considered this is a first and unique project from Vishal. Though its treatment and feel can said to be inspired.

Keep loggin and writing your comments.



hii, bobby

thanks for the report..

Amr Singh

Finally, Kaminey has released and u will find it suprising that it was orginally some what inspired from another bollywood movie Makdee(2002) the Chunni /Munni character played by Shweta Prasad is completely similar to Charlie and Guddu in Kaminey. In both the movies both the character had sluttering with \'s\' spelling \'f\' ..more intrestingly both the movie was written and directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. I think Vishal is Stuck with the same character of double role stuck with \'s\' and \'f\'...How F(s)weet...

*i would love if given credit

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