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KARLE PYAAR KARLE - Don't do it! (Review By Bobby Sing)
18 Jan, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

As a common viewer, I am always eager to watch debut films of newcomers to encourage them rightly, along with a greed to see something fresh or path breaking as a pleasant surprise. Now considering this very point, KARLE PYAAR KARLE surely had an edge over the others, since it was not only introducing two new actors playing the lead pair but was also directed by a debutant and was even providing the major break to a whole group of first timers both in the technical and acting department, showcasing a great vision of the producers.
However I sincerely wish the vision was also supported by a good script and execution, as the film simply gives you nothing to praise in particular, apart from the honest efforts made by the newcomers, heavily relying on their first time director Rajesh Pandey. In fact such is the uninteresting progression of the film (featuring many weird or amateur scenes) that it straight away raises a question, that how the hugely experienced Suneel Darshan failed to judge all these mistakes watching its rushes and then didn’t try to make some fair rectifications in time, even when it was the launching pad for his son, Shiv Darshan.
The film fails to make any kind of impact from its first frame to the last and keeps walking on the same old, overused rotten formula of a love story without following any fresh approach or script. But what actually teases you the most is the inclusion of many strange sequences thrown in just in the beginning of the film itself, which readily spoil the mood and force you to check the names responsible for these silly segments right away. For instance, it opens with an amateur ‘Roadies’ inspired competition scene and then has a Police station act taken straight out of a Umar Sharif’s comedy play from Pakistan. Next we see a College, wherein a young student is shamelessly dressed in an extremely vulgar costume, she further gives a sexy lap dance to the hero on the campus itself and there also exists a Fight Club in the college premises only where students can beat each other brutally without any kind of interference from the authorities. Later in the second half, again we have a weird kind of sequence with a black African and further the lead pair can also be seen dancing & kissing half naked in the waterfall, even after 110 minutes of the film just before the climax.
In short, the writers try too hard to add enough twists & turns in the storyline which could be something if only its main plot was handled more sensitively. The film completely fails to make any kind of connect with the viewers because even though it is supposed to be a love story, one never finds any warmth, tenderness or passionate love in its more than two hours of duration to be precise. The DOP desperately tries to give it a grand look and so does the action director in the second half of the film, in vain. The soundtrack also doesn’t have any great love songs which ideally need to be one of the major highlights of a love story introducing two new faces.
Debutant Shiv Darshan’s hard work is easily visible in the action and song sequences, but he still has a long road to travel in terms of dialogue delivery, emotions and dramatic scenes. Hasleen Kaur has a pretty face, but she mostly remains tensed in the film, which never allows her beauty to charm the viewers, as desired. All the other first timers in the supporting cast are just ok with no particular stand out act to be written about. And the director remains the first person to be blamed for such weak & carelessly made project, despite having a known producer and a strong setup to provide him all the required support.
To sum it all, KARLE PYAAR KARLE is a kind of film which can easily cause depression to numerous deserving strugglers roaming in the city of dreams in search of their first break. Because after seeing these kinds of films only one begins to think that, ‘Why was I also not born in a known filmy family?’ or “May be luck, background & financial factor plays a more important role in today’s film world, in comparison to talent, hard work & passion!”
Rating : 1 / 5 (Especially for the efforts made by all the debutants in its various departments.)

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