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KARZZZ : Please leave the Golden Hits of Past alone in their hall of fame. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

22 Oct, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

I had my doubts as the movie started and not only all my doubts were right but the film went even beyond my suspicion. First of all, I am completely not in the favour of re-doing any past hit. This in my opinion simply shows that we are out of ideas now. Secondly, even if you have decided to remake a Hit then at least you should do it in your own style and with little innovations added to it. But “Karzzz” just goes on following the original flick scene after scene. Not only exact scenes but the dialogues are also taken as it is from the Rishi Kapoor starrer. You find Rishi Kapoor echoing in the whole movie and Himesh just looks likes imitating.

Though comparisons are inevitable, but lets drop that and see Karzzz as a movie on its own. In that case also it fails to hold you tight and is not able to create enough excitement and interest in the viewer. Even if I consider it as a first timer who hasn’t seen the original “Karz”, then also I don’t find this version convincing enough. Now, the reasons why I found it, not comparable to the Golden Hit of the past.
One – The Acting. All the participants in the cast are trying to overshadow each other, trying to put up a confident show which is clearly visible. Himesh doesn’t suit the role completely with his strange hair style (who suggested him that?). He looks uncomfortable doing action scenes and the viewer just can digest him doing the fight sequences. What worked in “Aap Ka Suroor” was his image, which is missing in this attempt. Urmila is not the Urmila we have seen in “Ek Hasina Thi”. There is completely a different actress here doing the “Simi Grewal” act. There is a huge confusion in the age gap of the characters. If Himesh has re-incarnated and is 25+ now, in that case Urmila should be atleast 50. But there is no white hair and old age signs and she seems to have the ageless formula with her. Simply undigestible.The debutant Shweta Kumar is sweet, but has a long way to go and may find the road tough in the future. The killing looks of Tina Munim were missing which was the reason why the desired romantic touch was not generated.
Second – The warmth of Durga Khote as the mother was lost since Rohini Hattangiri did it in a highly dramatic way. The emotion of a mother had a great pull in the original which touched you emotionally but you will not find it here.
Third – Where was the lovable act of Pran as “Kabira” and cunning looks of “Premnath” as Sir Juda?  Danny as “Kabira” is simply a miscast and his love for Hindi movies could not strike a chord. He was doing just another role in the movie with nothing special. Gulshan Grover as Sir Juda is also wasted as he is not given the required time to prove himself.
Fourth – The Background Music – In the original, a central character was the background score which pulled you in. That is not there in the musical man Himesh’s version of the classic. I really expected the background music to be chilling but was disappointed.
Fifth – The Songs – Himesh always comes up with catchy beats and dance numbers which can be easily played in the Discos and dance floors. But a subject like” Karz” needs more emotional music and love songs than just dance numbers. Himesh kept following his own success path of music with beats and sound designs and he forgot to add emotions and calmness in the songs as required by the theme.
So, the movie was not as expected and was below the mark. In short Subhash Ghai got inspired by “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud” and made “Karz“, which proved to be a better product. Following the tradition, now Himesh also gets in the same mood but comes up with a Lazy inspired product relying too much on the music and his golden touch. The laziness is also there in its name too i.e. Karzzzzzzzzz.
For first timers, it is just an ok product with some good music. But I will have to see the Original “Karz” again to wipe this off from my memory and get those sweet musical moments back.
Rating : 2 / 5

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