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KERRY ON KUTTON - Just an interesting attempt giving you nothing in return wasting the potential characters. (Review By Bobby Sing)

07 Jul, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K

Many a times the writer or director have some interesting characters in mind and they all do sound pretty interesting in an early group discussion or writing sessions before going on the floor. However the moment they get adapted into a film, nothing works out the way it looked like in the first meeting at all and the projection gets messed up for various reasons, delivering neither entertainment nor any realistic experience to the viewers impressed by its impactful trailer.
Becoming a perfect example of the same, KERRY ON KUTTON is a supposedly crazy drama with a good dosage of forced comedy and a strong influence of films such as GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 revolving around all witty characters. Directed by Ashok Yadav, it even has Aditya Kumar (Perpendicular of GOW2) who continues from exactly the same note where he left in Kashyap’s much appreciated film and therefore fails to make any major impact missing the required novel presentation or an interesting extension.
Set in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, its script has a good ensemble of potential characters but doesn’t have any engaging story progression full of interesting but confused or unfocused sequences put together completing the two hours. To give you an idea we have a lot of flirting going on in the film with a few titillating scenes. There are many quirky dialogues and realistic settings too drawing your attention constantly. But it all results in nothing significant and leads to the same old ‘kill them all’ kind of climax seen in many similar films. As a result, despite having all the right ingredients, none of the insertions can be termed as engrossing or entertaining as projected in its noteworthy trailer.
Among the performers, Satyajeet Dubey playing the lead character along with Aditya tries hard but looks like a misfit throughout. Karan Mahavar plays it well but Aradhana as the flirty girl excels them all due to her attractive onscreen presence and performance together. In fact, the film would have been a completely different product, had the director focused just on the way she goes on making fool of all the boys and men around as a smart and clever girl. In the supporting cast where Shivam Pradhan could have been used in a much better way giving some more entertaining scenes, the rest of the performers do their given roles well as per the set instructions.
As a technically imbalanced project, at one end the cinematography and on-location art direction lifts up the film beautifully, but on the other an unexciting background score kills it pretty badly and the writing simply fails to create any excitement throughout along with an uninspiring musical score.
With the title chosen as “Kerry On Kutton" the writer-director does seem to have the English “Carry On Comedy Series” in mind wherein too we often get to seen one or two girls flirting with more than 3-4 characters on screen and its all about their mutual comic interactions having many sexual references.
Summing up, it’s an interesting kind of attempt that does have some honesty in its execution and performances too. But the end product delivers no entertainment as such which happens to be the only feature that can result in a word of mouth helping the lesser known smaller ventures like these.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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07 Jul 2016 / Comment ( 2 )

Dear reviewer,
I really would suggest u to read Suparna Sharma\'s review on Kerry on Kutton to understand how a film is reviewed. Your review is really surfacial and doesnt give any hint of how a good critique should be. And what surprises me is your critic rating is far different than what the users have rated Kerry on Kutton. 8.7 on IMDB, 3.3/5 on book my show and 4/5 on mouthshut.com. And do you even know that the background music you called amateur is by Hollywood background scorer and Emmy nominee Sunna Weizmer. Critics like you will give rave reviews for potboilers like Sultan but will put all your harsh comments on a film of a debutant director, of course because it has no big names to back it.

Bobby Sing

Dear Sampada,
It seems you have visited the site for the first time and just for this specific review alone and that's it.
So looking at your selective reading, I would also like to  suggest, please go through more content on this site using your valuable time and effort, that also includes short and detailed write-ups on QTs many movies including PULP FICTION in Movies To See Before You Die section at the top-right.

But answering your comment humbly, If a reviewer is supposed to review any kind of music, film or creation keeping in mind that it has been composed/directed by ANY BIG NAME, then sorry I haven't learned that kind of viewing or reviewing accepting it honestly.

My tools of watching or engaging with an art-form remain my own ears and eyes without getting influenced by any kind of names in its credit details or any other person views/reviews at different platforms. So for me it doesn't really matter whether it has been made by a NAME or a DEBUTANT....... before watching a film and I only go for these details post watching the same.

Anyway, getting some clear indications from your comment, all I can say is do keep watching good cinema and do try reading some articles on this site which will hopefully make you understand more about the medium without quoting any one else or any other rating or write-up of any kind.


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