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KHAMOSHIYAN - Another routine, vague attempt to fool the lovers of horror genre. (Review By Bobby Sing)

30 Jan, 2015 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K / Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Its really amazing to see what Hindi film directors mainly led by Vikram Bhatt, are doing with the Horror genre in the industry since RGV stopped making his scary flicks. Certainly they are fearlessly declaring the audience nothing more than fools loving this particular genre, who can be served anything in the name of horror along with few good songs and intense sexual scenes performed by some good faces. In fact that seems to be the only guideline to make these films and KHAMOSHIYAN is yet another absurdity tried with a silly conviction on the screen promoted well before its release through some bold press conferences.
To accept the impact, I was really impressed the way Sapna Pabbi was handling the press confidently before the release answering the questions asked on her sexual scenes so willingly. It really looked like as if they have a good project in hands and pretty sure of its success in advance. However the 2 hour film simply proved that it was over-confidence instead of confidence and perhaps an intentional coaching provided by the Bhatts that the girl was speaking so bravely about her major break and the bold scenes in front of the journalists.
Beginning on an all seen before, lame note the film keeps moving on a routine, boring path till the interval and one simply feels nothing watching the sudden emotional outburst between the lead pair without any believable justification given in its mediocre screenplay. The second half brings in the demon and the twist but a hangover of cult films like THE EXORCIST and Hitchcock’s PSYCHO is clearly visible used in a pretty lousy and unimpressive manner by the debutant director Karan Darra. With all ordinary graphical representations of a butterfly or a dog it fails in the cinematography or background score department too gaining the only goods marks in picturising the fine tracks. Moreover its every location/set or art direction strongly reminded me of the team’s earlier venture CREATURE too because of the clear similarities.
As far as performances are concerned Ali Fazal is a good actor but gets nothing great to do in this badly written film. Gurmeet Chaudhury also remains handicapped due to the short role offered without any meat and Sapna Pabbi looks sensuous, displaying her sex appeal well but does nothing more than that unfortunately. Probably she might be able to perform much better in an intense emotional drama with those appealing eyes keeping in mind her better act in the TV series 24. Anyway having such a limited star cast KHAMOSHIYAN once again reveals that Vikram is vaguely making his films on a set, safe format ensuring minimum losses if not profits with music proving to be the backbone of his projects as always.
Hence following the same pattern, the only USP of KHAMOSHIYAN is its soundtrack alone with few fine composition and lyrics led by the title song that sadly comes in the film just at the wrong moment. An early sequence in it has the famous “Aayega Aanawala” song too playing in the backdrop. But the film simply has got no merit to be associated with that cult classic MAHAL still remembered for his haunting music and entertaining suspense even after six decades.
In short neither sex nor music was able to stop me from taking few quick naps in the theater and I am still wondering why was this made and for whom?
Rating : 1 / 5 (Just for its soundtrack)
(On a lighter note : A scene in the film had a strange board reading "Hindu Shamshaan Bhoomi"……… now certainly that needs to be opposed on secular grounds! :) )

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