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KIDNAP : Another example of Good Promos and Poor Content. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

02 Oct, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Sanjay Gadhvi, comes up with another thriller after his Dhoom movies. As everyone was appreciating the promising promos of Kidnap, it looked like a fast paced, stylish and engrossing thriller. But instead the movie fails to hold your interest from the first scene itself and is not even close to the earlier films by the director.

The most annoying thing is when a movie shamelessly starts with a song. This is like taking the viewers as granted and it also indicates that the makers didn’t know how to start the movie, so they inserted a song with the heroine singing at the beach in some revealing dresses. I don’t know what reasons can be given for starting a thriller movie with a song. Another shock comes right after the unwanted song, when you see Minissha Lamba calling Vidya Maldave “her MOM”. Simply, a mis-cast. Neither Minissha looks like celebrating her 18th birthday nor Vidya looks her mother from any angle. By only putting a dialogue that “You became pregnant when you were 18” (for Vidya) cannot justify your mis casting. 
The kidnap executed by Imran Khan, happens in the first reels itself and the complete story is revealed thereafter. As Imran is looking good playing the kidnapper, the viewer expects that some chilling and exciting drama will unfold in the later reels. But nothing happens and the film keeps on moving uninterestingly. Sanjay Dutt as the father of Minissha looks tired and just plays his part. Minissha acts ok but she seriously has to work on her close ups and Vidya Maldave looks more gorgeous than her onscreen daughter. All the others in the cast having nothing much to do.
According to me, the USP of the movie could be the plot, where Imran is giving clues to Sanjay Dutt, which are to be solved by him in order to get his daughter back. But this very sequence is the most underwritten part of the script. The clues are uninteresting and the drama created through them does not create the required excitement. As a thriller the movie is not able to bring the viewer on the edge of his seat, which is a must for a good crime movie. It’s just another revenge drama, where the child grows up and now wants to take revenge for his lost childhood.
There are many unanswered questions in different sequences in the script. Sanjay Dutt easily manages to get everything done as asked by Imran. He easily breaks in and out of the tight security in the house of his rich competitor. He takes a convict out of the jail as a piece of cake. He reaches the station in time, beating the traffic in a strange way and runs like a 25 year young boy. Very strangely, a revealing and stylish wardrobe changes are given to Minissha while she is locked up by her kidnapper. Too many liberties taken by the writer here. A film with this kind of subject surely does not require any songs, but here we have more than 3 songs and that too just as fillers. Pritam has given a very unexpected score with not even one exceptional song.
Gadhvi’s seems to be a fan of chase and Heist movies. His “Dhoom’s” had many sequences related to breaking in and beating security systems, “Kidnap” also has its own similar scenes. But whereas the loopholes of “Dhoom’s” were covered by its huge and stunning starcast, this time “Imran” alone cannot cover the faulty script and becomes a victim of it.
In few words, Kidnap is another flick, whose promos were better than the main movie. All the expectations raised by its promos are not met and you feel disappointed. The only good thing in the movie is “Imran Khan”.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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