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KILL DIL - It's like GUNDAY's script rewritten with few new characters & released as a fresh film to fool the audience yet again. (Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Nov, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K

Disappointed hugely with this latest offering from director Shaad Ali (of SAATHIYA & BUNTY AND BABLI fame), made with such a lame attitude and casual writing, it gives me no energy to review it in details. So here is a brief account of what they showed us in their promos and what the film had in its 2 hours of duration offering simply nothing of that sort, ridiculing the audience yet again.
Keeping a title inspired from Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic KILL BILL, if you think they tried to follow anything related to that film in execution, storytelling or else, then forget about it completely since the film is not even interested in that.
Looking at the exciting promos, if you are expecting a great time with the trio and a lovely lady enacting on a fresh script from the team, then you are gravely mistaken as YRF Studios have just rehashed their mediocre GUNDAY, converting it into a lousy love story presenting it as a new release, considering the audience as a bunch of dumb minds sitting in the theaters once again.
Considering its unusual cast ensemble if one thinks Govinda is there to make a strong comeback then he or she is going to be hugely disheartened as despite making an honest effort, the veteran remains wasted due to the film’s inane writing giving him a confused character, who enters the screen without any great build up and then suddenly starts singing & dancing like a professional performer ruining his own persona of a Don. Moreover, after a fine initial 30 minutes with Ranveer, he becomes stereotyped and takes away the major portion of the film ignoring the others. Ali Zafar tries hard but seems to be misfit in the venture right from the word go. And Parineeti has nothing new to do in the film, so fails to impress with a completely seen before portrayal on the screen making no impact whatsoever.
The film begins with a flashback exactly like GUNDAY, makes some impression in its first few sequences and then becomes so tedious to watch that I would like to rate it as one of those poor films that make your 2 hours in theater like a whole day spent there in the dark taking several small naps. Delhi is taken as the backdrop just blindly following the current trend and the dialogues even tend to become vulgar as the film progresses. The likable music loses all its charm due to its bad timings and average compositions. Plus the technical department fails to rise above the routine despite the background score drawing your attention in its opening.
In short, I found only two things worth mentioning in KILL DIL.
One the lyrics by maestro Gulzar and his mesmerizing voice-over used in few timely sequences. And two the innovative way of beginning the song Sweeta, with a radio commentary by Ranveer giving all the credits.
But apart from these two insertions, KILL DIL simply deserves to be ignored and Shaad Ali really misses the train making such a terrible film, wasting a huge opportunity in hands. How could you do it Shaad……especially with Govinda? and……..
What are you doing Aditya with the Yash Raj Banner churning out such trashes?
Rating : 1 / 5 (Just for the name of GULZAR in its credits)

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14 Nov 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
I expect much more from Ali Zafar. Not craps like this.

Bobby Sing

Sure Zeeshan and I think this is a perfect example of the script narration being much different and great compared to the end result which must have given the courage to Ali for saying Yes.


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