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KISMET KONNECTION - Just Trying My Luck. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

07 Aug, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Aziz Mirza returns with his new movie after “Chalte Chalte”. But this time its not Shahrukh but Shahid in a role of next to door young person with a mission to make it big. The movie starts off lazily with some repeated scenes of a middle class person looking for work and this gives you a feeling about what will be coming in the later reels.

The story line has the same old tried and tested formulas of love & misunderstandings so there is nothing new to see. The director doesn’t try new plots or topics but opts to stick on to his old story ideas only. You feel restless watching the movie as it becomes bore and slow most of the times.
The only lighter moment comes with Juhi Chawla who plays a fortune teller and who guides Shahid for his future and about his luck factor. This part of the script makes you remember an english flick “Just My Luck” which has a similar plot where, good luck gets transferred from one person to another. But even this interesting part is not handled well enough and it completley fails to entertain the viewer.
Shahid tries to do his best but he doesnt have an author backed role. Vidya Balan is not convincing at all. At times she looks overconfident in what she is doing. Boman Irani as the last minute saviour entertains to some extent. Music department has only one foot tapping song from Pritam and all the other songs are just ok.
Even when the promos of this movie started, they failed to create any excitement and the same was the result after its release. There are all elements of an Aziz Mirza film in this. A boy wants to make big, meets a girl, an affair starts after misunderstadings, a talk about social values, a group of old people, clashes between classes in the society and last minute drama. But sadly the movie fails to entertain.
Rating : 1 / 5

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