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KISSEBAAZ - The execution messes up a potential idea and the promotions deceive the viewers focusing on Pankaj Tripathi. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

17 Jun, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

As a small town political-crime drama with romance as its basic seed, KISSEBAAZ did have a potential idea involving a confusing-mistaken identity and a non-linear narration capable of teasing the viewers.
But the way it has been clumsily written and directed, the film actually annoys instead of entertainingly confusing or generating any kind of curiosity guessing its finale twist. The tacky execution and uneven editing never lets the plot find its grip right from the initial sequences and that also makes the otherwise reliable actors look mediocre including Zakir Hussain and Rajesh Sharma. On the other hand, Rahul Bagga playing the lead tries his best as per the capabilities and so does the beautiful Anupriya, but the makers wrongly deceive the audience with a false kind of promotion focusing on Pankaj Tripathi.
Titled KISSEBAAZ, the film does have Pankaj narrating the entire story to a lady police officer, but he is not the lead character of the film and keeps returning back on screen at long intervals. So, it’s an extended cameo kind of act purposefully promoted as the main character in the posters as KISSEBAAZ, which turns out to be the biggest disappointment from the film desperately cheating the audience. 
Hence, in case you are only willing to watch it for Pankaj Tripathi in particular then this can be easily skipped, just as the actor might have also deleted it from his recent memory. 

Rating : 1.5 / 5 

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