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KNOCK OUT (2010) - More Inspirational Links

21 Oct, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K / Hollywood Gets Inspired

Mani Shankar’s “KNOCK OUT”, undoubtedly took its major inspiration from the English movie “PHONE BOOTH” released in the year 2002 and also a bit from our own "A WEDNESDAY" (2008). But surprisingly the poster of the movie too seems to be highly inspired from another famous and controversial Angelina Jolie’s film “A MIGHTY HEART”. Just by looking at both the posters together, the inspiration can be easily pointed out by anyone.

Interestingly both these movies have a common link as IRFAN KHAN, who features in both of them in key roles. So may be while looking at the other movies of the versatile & international actor, Mani Shankar’s creative team got hold of this inspirational source for their publicity material.
Here it is necessary to mention another amusing finding about the inspiration angle mentioned above. Mani Shankar’s KNOCK OUT surely is based upon many similar sequences seen in Joel Schumacher’s PHONE BOOTH.
But PHONE BOOTH itself remains an inspired version of another English flick “LIBERTY STANDS STILL” which ironically also released in 2002 itself, but before “PHONE BOOTH”. So its once again a typical case of getting inspired from another inspired film just like the last instance of Aamir Khan's "GHAJINI".

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