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KRRISH 3 - A less entertaining superhero film, which can strictly be seen just for the old Hrithik and not the young Krrish. (Review By Bobby Sing)

01 Nov, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

A film titled KRRISH 3 without having any KRRISH 2 in existence did create many big doubts among the viewers before its release quite rightly. Yet since it was more or less considered as a project mainly made for the kids, the expectations were not that huge and everyone just expected a decent entertainer from the house of Roshans as per their tried and tested reputation in the recent past.
But unfortunately it was really shocking to see that a director who is known to have a grasp of the medium (in terms of entertainment), can make such a lackluster film without having anything special or enjoyable even for the kids in the age group of 10-15. And in case, one considers a few Shaktiman kind of sequences enough to satisfy the new generation kids well versed with DVDs, PSPs and X-boxes lying in the house at their easy disposals, then I seriously doubt about the level of awareness of that person and would like to disagree strongly.
In honest words, whenever a big movie like KRRISH 3 comes as the new release, I truly wish to praise the project in details, respecting the amount of hardwork, labour, effort, time and talent invested in it by its reputed makers. But it becomes quite sad & disheartening when the film gives me simply nothing to praise about at length and further cannot be recommended to my readers even as a one-time watch for their coming weekend.
So here instead of going into the pre and post interval details of KRRISH 3, I would like to mention that why it is in fact a huge disappointment from the once visionary director Rakesh Roshan, who gave us many enjoyable films in the past as a fine amalgamation of entertainment and emotions.
1. After his last two hit ventures namely KOI MIL GAYA (2003) and KRRISH (2006), Rakesh Roshan was known to come up with films having some exclusive content for kids, who played a major role in turning these films into big hits. But surprisingly KRRISH 3 has no such specific sequences for the young ones to enjoy and they keep waiting for the same till the end.
2. Since his first film KHUDGARZ (1987), a Roshan venture has always been equipped with many melodious tracks serving as one of the major highlights of the films unarguably. But here again there is not even a single song, able to impress the viewers in musical terms (though shot well with some good moves) and the tracks prove to be big downers in the film as they come.
3. In his entire career as a director, Rakesh Roshan has played real well with the human emotions on screen, roped in beautifully in his screenplays. But we do not find any such triumph card played in KRRISH 3 and the film falls flat on the emotional level too unexpectedly.
4. Along with emotions, another major element which is completely missing in KRRISH 3 is COMEDY, which in fact has always been a subtle feature of such films based on heroes with some astonishing powers.
5. It is a widely accepted fact that all superhero films have the similar thought process of saving the world from an evil force and thus more or less remain the same in their story department overall. So working on this truthful fact, every such film is given some special elements, sequences and treatment in order to distinguish it from the rest and win over the audience. However we don’t get to see any such big distinction in KRRISH 3 and the film only has the experiments made by ‘Kaal’ as its USP which are also not exploited to the best (as was being publicized). The proceedings are all predictable (with no surprises) and there are no clap-worthy scenes in the entire film, like we had earlier seen in the first two parts of the series making an instant connect. Moreover the project has huge resemblances with many similar Hollywood films and the originality is simply missing in this third offering of the series, disappointingly.
Particularly here I would like to mention the final scenes of the film showing the general public, reporters and people standing on the roadsides watching the big fight. And frankly their expressions and these shots never gave me the feeling of watching any ‘A’ class Bollywood big project directed by a renowned name.
6. Coming to the film’s graphical representation, its indeed an appreciable decision to take that we will do all its graphical sequences in India itself through our own technical experts and not the foreigners. And the step duly deserves a big applause both from the industry as well as the viewers unanimously. But at the same time, the hard truth remains that we are still a long way behind the west in this particular field and a person can only enjoy the CGI works of KRRISH 3 if he hasn’t seen any of the superhero films made in the west till date.
7. Yes, the project has a grand look, imaginative characters, fine makeovers, impressive action, great cinematography, an ok background score (which could be much better or energetic) and some fine acts too in totality. Yet what it misses the most is ‘new content’ to entertain and enthrall the audience. And that is the reason you tend to feel quite bored at times in this 150 minutes long film, made on all repetitive stuff.
8. Lastly coming to the basic character of Krishna in the film (who is the real person behind the masked KRRISH), one strongly finds no personal character of his own ever in the entire film, strangely. In fact he becomes the weakest part of the story, who doesn’t have any likable persona of his own and is just interested in becoming Krrish whenever the need is there all of a sudden. In indicative words, we don’t have any well defined Mr. PARKER here who turns into a SPIDERMAN at the time of crisis, which ideally has to be a key interesting feature of every superhero film.
Ending the analysis with the performances, KRRISH has a good act from Hrithik Roshan confidently playing the lead role, also displaying his adorable physique in the initial reels without the shirt. But his sincere effort is not supported well by the writers resulting in a visibly poor show overall. Still I loved watching his KOI MIL GAYA character in the old age (as the Papa Hrithik) a lot more that the young Krrish, quite honestly. Vivek Oberoi does well as the evil opposition, believing in weird body experiments based on fusions and Kangna impresses a lot, delivering a superb act in her new avatar. Priyanka Chopra is there playing her given role of Krishna’s wife but actually she has nothing much to do in the film as per the script. Plus Nasseruddin Shah, Mohnish Bahl, Arif Zakaria and Rajpal Yadav are there only for a scene or two like the guest artists.
In all, KRRISH 3 is certainly not a thorough entertainer at all as projected. It begins well but then has nothing significant to offer in terms of thrill, emotions or enjoyable moments right till the climax, unexpectedly. Also, I couldn’t find the good old entertaining, visionary director Rakesh Roshan, anywhere in the film to say the least.
Rating : 2 / 5 (Including an additional 1 just for the efforts put in by the entire CGI team within the country.)

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01 Nov 2013 / Comments ( 4 )

Hey bobby,
I\'m a regular reader of your blog but leaving a comment for the first time. I want to express my views about this or so called Indian sci-fi films.
Why every time always takes inspiration from hollywood or just copy them If talking about this series all three are copied or inspired from hollywood as follows

Koi mil gaya- Stephen Spielberg\'s E.T.-Extra Terrestrial
Krrish- Concept of Super computer and all viewing death in future from paycheck
Krrish 3- Concept of mutant, as all knows, from famous X-men series and also costume of kaal from pacific rim.

Why our filmmaker does not make any research and evolve new ideas.

Bobby Sing

Hi Zeeshan,
Thanks a lot for being a regular at the site brother and yes you are absolutely right about the Indian sci-fi films made with all inspired and unimaginative mindset..
However in my opinion, the reason behind it is "The feeling of Insecurity and Fear of Failure" which stops them from trying something original on their own quite clearly.
And the point gets once again proved by KRRISH 3 as well as the latest RAM-LEELA which also offer the same rotten stuff to its audience without any intelligent change or innvoation.

But my hope is still there with some young minds behind the scene so may be the scenario will change for the good......soon

Thanks once again for your kind support and Keep Writing in.


@bobbysing : The kids have indeed taken to the film in a big way sir. No wonder it has created box office records and had a strong run at the box office. I do not agree with this review of your\'s. I think the emotional aspect of the film is spot on,esp the father-son relationship. Of course some content has been sacrificed and replaced by an overdose of vfx/cgi but that\'s the way probably this movie was supposed to turn out aka a full blown superhero flick unlike its 2006 prequel. As for the vfx,i think they are the best ever in an Indian movie and please do not bring in Shaktiman here. The kids and mass audiences have taken fondly to the film. Read my performance analysis here:


Bobby Sing

Dear Anuj,
Thanks for writing in but if you are a regular reader at BTC, then you must be knowing that this site has never been and never interested in any kind of earnings, business or box office records made by any movie actually.
Here at BTC I only write and discuss about a movie from my personal point of view and there can always be difference of opinion between two persons which needs to be respected.

So I respect your viewpoint, have applauded the vfx done in India in the review too.
But the film was not an entertainer all the way for me really. Still I am glad for the Industry as a whole that it has done too well.
Keep Visiting!

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