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KYA YAHI SACH HAI - Movie Review : Ignoring its poor technical aspects, this is a bold, honest and serious confession by an IPS Officer himself. (Review by Bobby Sing)

30 Dec, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

If one considers the promotional campaign of the film with its strangely designed posters and mediocre promos having many loud dialogues then there are very remote chances of anyone getting excited to see it in the theater. Besides, the overall look of the movie clearly gives you an idea that it has not been made by professionals of the field in any case. Still, one name in its credits grabs your attention and forces you to think that Why this person is making such a movie himself and How he wants to portray the real truth after being a part of the game personally? And to be precise that’s what makes this project more important, not as a film but as an effort alone by a person from the inner circle.

Reviewing KYSH as a movie technically is quite easy since it just remains an incompetent attempt made with some noble intentions by an honest person. In fact I strongly feel that though its makers had a very clear and specific motive behind making this film but in the process they made a very wrong choice of their technical crew and creative team, who was not experienced enough to deliver anything close to a quality product. And due to this major factor, the project fails to qualify as a film to be seen in multiplexes or single screen theaters if you take into account its performances, shot-taking, direction, cinematography, music and other related departments. In straight words, it gives you such lengthy, uninteresting and below average sequences right from the start that you might like to quit watching it much earlier than it ends. BUT despite of all these big drawbacks, I still cannot go on thrashing the movie just for its technical faults as it does has something to say which is of utmost importance for the entire nation and its younger generation.
Its a film based on a book with the title “Carnage by Angels” by an I.P.S. Officer Mr. Y. P. Singh. Now after revealing it all in his book, Mr. Singh decided to go for the best medium of expression to make his voice reach a wider audience which resulted in this movie called KYA YAHI SACH HAI. Revolving around the shameful & regretful experiences of an IPS Officer working under corrupt seniors and politicians, it is directed by Mr. Y. P. Singh himself, having the first hand experiences of the events happening behind the closed doors. And that is the reason why this film is of great importance for our nation as a whole being an unadulterated version of all the actual happenings.
Coming from a Senior Police official himself, KYSH has some severely shocking scenes which are a big disgrace for our nation’s constitution and government. In fact its quite surprising how the Censors agreed to release the film without cutting all those objectionable scenes. May be because it was made by one of the officers only. To name a few, it has a Commissioner of Police behaving like a trembling bonded labour, a DGP standing with folded hands and an aged IAS Officer bending down at the feet of a corrupt Home Minister just to save his name and job. On top of this, the officer even gives a new full form to the abbreviation IAS, explaining it as “I AM SLAVE” quite disgustingly. The film also bravely exposes the way influential people of the society get their work done through illegal money transactions and prostitution. It openly brings forward the ugly side of our corrupt system which doesn’t allow any honest person to stay there amongst them for long.
And if this is what an IPS officer has to tell us about his own department and other higher government administrators, then its indeed gravely serious and dangerous not only for us at present but for our entire future generations. If this is what happens behind all those mysterious political curtains then our nation really needs a revolution from the common man himself, where he has to essentially and urgently realize the importance of that one single vote in his own hands.
So, yes KYA YAHI SACH HAI is a pretty weak and mediocre project technically but it needs to be seen not as a film but as a visual documentation by an I.P.S officer, who dares to bare it all in front of the Indian audience. Hence, don’t switch it off whenever it is shown on TV in the next few months since it is a bold, honest and serious confession by a responsible officer himself which deserves to be seen by one and all to feel the heat.
Rating : 1 / 5 (Just for the sincere effort)
(But it doesn’t deserve to be rated this low as per routine since its not a film but an honest documentation.)

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