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KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM 3 - Its a badly written & executed film served in the name of sex-comedy, with only one pretty face and a catchy song. (Review By Bobby Sing)
24 Jan, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

Post the unexpectedly huge success of GRAND MASTI, it seems the makers are ready and willing to cross more bolder limits to earn some quick weekend returns, finding the courage to promote the latest part of KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM series as India’s first ever ‘Porn-Com’ or Porn Comedy in its promotional campaign.
However their ‘visionary’ plans are sure not going to work big time, since the film neither has anything enjoyable in terms of sex or comedy with everything simply falling flat without any likable mass appeal. Interestingly it all begins well with a bang, projecting that there’s lot more coming next in the subsequent hours providing the expected content. But strangely the film never takes any major leap in the later reels and remains entirely dependent upon all badly written double meaning dialogues, suggestive moanings, cheap dragging-in of reputed names such as Karjatya (mocking The Badjatyas) and unengaging sequences presenting the same old plot of presenting a group of friends as members of one ‘Sanskari family’ in front of a visiting relative.
As a matter of fact, the word ‘porn’ is used in the tagline, since one of its lead actor Krishna is into making porn films in Bangkok as spoofs of the hit Hindi films like LICK instead of KICK, KHOLEY instead of SHOLAY and more bringing in the only few entertaining moments in the entire film. Apart from that KKHH3 doesn’t have anything in either the screenplay, gags, dialogues or individual (erotic) performances wherein the director and his writer even use a rat, dog, horse and a macaw too (a long-tailed colourful parrot) in desperation to bring in the desired humour, which actually turns the film into a silly mess post intermission.
In the performances, continuing his mastery achieved in such silly portrayals Tushar Kapoor irritates instead of entertaining, whereas Aftab Shivdasani remains okay as his close friend. Krishna as their common buddy once again becomes a victim of a bad script that fails to exploit his known talent on the bigger screen. Plus in the female cast there are girls willing to shed off their clothes as per the requirement, who just wished to be the heroine of a Hindi film, even if it is a ‘porn-com’ not in any way concerned about their acting talents. So we have Gizela Thakral and Claudia Ciesla trying to titillate the viewers through their repetitive ‘suggestive moanings’ and ‘dropping pallus’, along with the beautiful Mandana who also gets simply used as a leading glamour doll and nothing else. In addition the film also features Shakti Kapoor, Meghna Naidu, Darshan Zariwala and few forgettable cameos too that fail to lift up the proceedings in many manner.
In the musical section, a catchy song among all mediocre ones is unable to make any impact due to the otherwise silly story progression. And the same can be said about the background score, editing and cinematography too trying hard to deliver individually. Actually being the major culprit behind this poor dud, director Umesh Ghadge tried to make a project assuming that the Hindi film viewers are ready to accept anything and everything in the name of sex, without caring about any enjoyable content in terms of funny sequences, witty dialogues or comic performances.
In short, it’s a film that has been blindly made to encash the controversial genre in a quick span of time with all available actors, shot in probably one schedule (with the location/bunglow also looking the same as last seen in Akshay’s ITS ENTERTAINMENT). Hence you can watch it at your own risk if you must or in case you have become a big fan of Mandana post the latest season of Big Boss and wish to watch her on the bigger screen in much lesser clothes.
Rating : 0.5 / 5
(Note : Addressing people supporting or filing petition against 'SIKH JOKES' morally or legally as reported in the last few months. There is a clear comedy sequence making fun of a Sikh couple in this latest film KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM 3, that is in no way related to the film or its basic storyline.
Now if these petitions against 'Sikh Jokes' are REAL, then this information should be valuable for anyone related with the movement initiated. But in case this is irrelevant and one doesn’t care about how Sikhs are being projected in the widely watched Hindi films all over INDIA, then this movement against 'SIKH JOKES' is just fake and has no strength in it in any serious terms.)

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