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Kaminey (2009) & Makdee (2002) - Vishal gets inspired from himself.

08 Sep, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K

It’s a wider known fact now that Vishal Bhardwaj directed “Kaminey” was made on the similar lines of famous crime movies such as “Rocknrolla”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Revolver” & more. As speculated it is not an inspired movie but it surely is a project inspired from the works of directors like Guy Ritchie & Quentin Tarantino. Vishal Bhardwaj successfully followed the genre and came up with his own version of an Indian Pulp Fiction for the Indian viewers.

But recently one of our fellow readers, pointed towards a unique inspirational angle which is evidently there in “Kaminey” in the form of two twin brother characters played by Shahid Kapoor. The story of “Kaminey” is said to be originally written by a Kenyan writer and short film-maker Cajetan boy, whom Vishal met in a film workshop abroad.
However, the twin brother characters in the movie also have a striking resemblance to the twin sisters of “Makdee”, Vishal’s Bhardwaj’s another classic movie released in 2002.
In “Makdee” too there are two sisters Chunni and Munni who are contrasting twins. Where one of them is sharp and witty, the other one is quite, studious and shy in nature. But the most amazing similarity is that here also the shy sister has a speech disorder and she cannot speak “Sa” clearly. The only difference is that in “Makdee” the girl speaks “Sha” in place of “Sa” and in Kaminey, Shahid speaks “Fa”.
(That was really an interesting observation indeed, pointed out by Mr. Amr Singh in one of his comments on this site. Thanks Amr for your inputs.)
Further, it was also found that the famous song "Dhan Tan Nan" was also based on Vishal's own compostion with the same lyrics used in Doordarshan's Serial Titled "Gubaarey".
Hence, it seems that this time Vishal Bhardwaj got inspired from few of his own original works for a change.

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