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Katha (1983) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Comedy)

29 Jul, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

Katha - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

A simple story of two friends with completely opposite characters, told in a light & entertaining style. Whereas one of the friends is a man following truth and sincerity, the other is a conman looking only for money and status in society. The most innovative part of the movie is that these two characters are reversely played by the Farukh Sheikh and Naseeruddin Shah. Farukh more known for his silent roles plays the conman for a change and that is the real beauty of the film.

 Naseer plays his role in a calm, soothing and impressive way. Deepti Naval looks ravishing as the girl next door and Naseer’s one sided love for Deepti straight away wins your heart. Another gorgeous face you may recognize in the movie is of Mallika Sarabai (famous Classical Dancer), who plays the role of a seductive wife. Slow & steady wins the race is the moral of this movie, brilliantly directed by Sai Pranjpe. May be not known to the young movie lovers of current times but she is the lady who has given some of the most memorable movies to the Indian film industry. A must watch as one of her best offerings.
Directed By Sai Pranjpe
Starring : Farukh Sheikh, Naseeruddin Shah & Deepti Naval
Music By Raj Kamal

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