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Khamoshi (1969) (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

01 Dec, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Khamoshi - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Considered as one of the most insightful, thought provoking and experimental films made on the subject of ‘Love and Loneliness’, KHAMOSHI raises a very valid question through its intense content revolving around the psychiatric treatment of the patients. And therefore needs to be seen or studied with a completely different outlook as compared to the other popular Hindi films made on the Love-theme.
Based on a Bengali short story, 'Nurse Mitra' by renowned Bengali writer, Ashutosh Mukherjee, the Hindi version is a remake of director Asit Sen’s own Bengali film, DEEP JWELE JAAIi (1959) starring Suchitra Sen and it talks about a psychiatric hospital run by a Colonel (Doctor) treating his patients with a new questionable technique or vision. The patients are particularly the ones suffering from acute mania, caused by a male’s inner urge of an unconditional love, which he keeps searching in other women after being separated from his mother. And when he doesn’t get the same for long, the frustration turns him into a cynical personality, full of hatred and distrust requiring medical care.
Now Colonel Saab uses his beautiful nurse, Radha (Waheeda Rehman) to treat such passionate patients and he intends to do the same for their new patient Arun (Rajesh Khanna) too who has been just brought in. Radha, who has earlier successfully cured another similar patient named Dev (Dharmendra) takes up the assigned case, but in the process gets to encounter her own inner pain, longing for love and discomfort, seriously playing the lovable mother, lover and friend altogether for her new patient. So as the girl gets more involved in Arun’s personal trauma, forgetting her own hidden feelings following the moral path of a nurse, she goes into a depression and then meets a tragic end as a lonely person deprived of any real love & care by the people around.
The film proudly included in the list of All Time Classics of Hindi Cinema has Waheeda Rehman giving one of her career best performances as Radha, the nurse. And the actress says a lot with her speaking eyes conveying the hidden pain of loneliness, betrayal and unreciprocated love intensely. In fact her act of the lovable nurse should ideally be studied by every actress as her text book material to portray such deep expressions on the screen, so effortlessly and with an utmost devotion. In other words, though we have the superstar Rajesh Khanna too playing the lead role here, but still KHAMOSHI remains a Waheeda Rehman film from start to finish unarguably and that is the reason she was also nominated in the Best Actress Filmfare Awards category in the following year.
Admittedly more remembered for its mesmerizing soundtrack beautifully composed by Hemant Kumar and thoughtfully penned by Gulzar, the film has many hauntingly melodious tracks such as “Tum Pukar Lo…Tumhara Intezaar Hai”, “Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi”, “Humne Dekhi Hai In Aankhon Ki Mehekti Khushboo” and more. Along with a soothing background score, another gem in its great execution is the Black & White Cinematography by Kamal Bose, who simply transforms many of its lovable scenes into sheer poetry, also winning the Filmfare Award for his spending work deservingly.

Yes, if looked upon from the medical profession point of view, the film does make you raise some valid questions on the irresponsible technique opted by the Colonel using her innocent nurse, neglecting her own emotional status completely. But despite this justified objection, KHAMOSHI still needs to be seen and cherished by every lover of Hindi Cinema unconditionally as such films get rarely made and they also remain the strong representative of the fact that why the people living in our part of the world are known to be highly emotional ones thinking from the heart.
(Note : As its hidden masterstroke, just notice the way director Asit Sen, uses Dharmender so subtly and softly without bringing him into the limelight, taking the focus away.)
Directed By Asit Sen
Starring : Rajesh Khanna, Waheeda Rehman, Nasir Hussain, Devan Verma, Lalita Pawar, Dharmender (Sp. Apperance) and more.
Music : Hemant Kumar   Story : Ashutosh Mukherjee
Dialogues & Lyrics : Gulzar

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01 Dec 2013 / Comments ( 7 )

The movie \'Kyon Ki\' starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor was based on the same theme directed by Priyadarshan.

Personally i liked \'Khamoshi" better as it had the new rising star Rajesh Khanna with versatile Waheeda Rehman and relatively a newcomer Dharmendra. All giving award winning performances.

The movie had great music and songs are still humable. My favourite being the musical gem sung by Kishore Kumar "Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi" and written by the Genius Gulzar Saab. Picturised on the Hoogly river in then Calcutta.

Love all those Old Masterpiece movies of the 60\'s.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in KennyG and yes KHAMOSHI remains a worth watching classic of Hindi Cinema cherished till date for many, loving its fabulous performances, direction, concept and music altogether. 

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

V. Manohar

Khamoshi is one of the classic and evergreen movie of Super Star Rajesh Khanna in 1969 with Waheeda Rehman and Sneha Lata.

Bobby Sing

Sure V. Manohar Ji,
Its indeed a classic and evergreen movie undoubtedly.

Though picture is very good. But logic why Radha not responded Arun love in movie could be understood.
Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in Vijay Goyal,
and regarding the point mentioned, there can be various explanations given for that as seen by different viewers but that certainly doesent take away anything from the film's cult status at all and it still remains one of the classic gems of our golden era for sure.

Keep Visiting & writing in,



Just read your story on the 1969 film Khamoshi I have an original 35mm film in 5 tins by chance do you know the total run time and how many reels were to the film.

Thank you

Bobby Sing

The censor board certificate says 13 reels.
However that doesnt give you the exact lenght as the duration of the reels differ at different times.
Thanks for writing in.

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