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LIFE OF PI - A worth experiencing fabulous visual treat for sure but not an emotional or spiritually moving fantasy. (Review by Bobby Sing)

08 Dec, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Widely publicized as a spectacular, never before kind of project with a spiritual touch, LIFE OF PI was eagerly awaited by both the appreciators of meaningful cinema and the lovers of realistic 3D technique of watching movies on the big screen. Also promoted as the most astonishing visual achievement after AVATAR, the makers were successful in putting many innovative ideas in the mind of the enthusiastic viewers waiting to be shocked and amazed by some unbelievable kind of content as shown in its promos.

However the result is not exactly the same as the film generates a mixed kind of impact in the end wherein the creative team perfectly keeps its promises made regarding the superior technicality of the product superbly. But at the same time the film is not able to cater the spiritual or emotional aspect of its storyline that impressively. Adapted from Yann Martel’s Booker prize-winning novel, its surely an unbelievable visual experience without any doubt. The execution of its unimaginable plot and sequences through a fresh colourful palette sprayed on the screen easily transports the viewer into a different fantasy world in its two hours of duration like a dream. So if you are willing to see a great eye catching extravaganza supported by some outstanding hard to believe computer graphics, then you would love watching LIFE OF PI a lot.
But in case you are expecting an emotionally moving spiritual experience talking about a rare journey in the sea lived by a young boy and a tiger together then you may find it a lot less appealing than promised. Enacted well by Suraj, Irrfan Khan (ignoring his accent), Tabu and Adil Hussain, along with a graphically created incredible Bengal Tiger, it’s a difficult film directed by Ang Lee and remains a stunning treat for your eyes throughout as far as its cinematography, under-water takes, frames, sound, treatment and execution is concerned. And though it should not be compared with AVATAR, but still stands tall in the list of Top 5 films made till date using the 3D technology in a magnificent way beyond expectations, with the special mention of its sequence featuring the mysterious island.
Yet despite of its artistic and technical brilliance, LIFE OF PI cannot be rated as a film with a highly emotional quotient giving you some enlightening insights of a divine existence around us through its fictional characters. Ang Lee tries to add a spiritual touch to his movie in the start when the young Pi starts questioning about God and its various forms around him quite innocently. But these initial moments devoted to the discovery of various religions by the kid fall flat or fail to leave any sort of mark on the viewers in absence of any clear vision, explanation or message. And the same can be said about the indications later made towards the relevance of subjects like our uncertain Life, Death and Faith in its related tense moments lived in the middle of the sea.
To conclude LIFE OF PI is surely a life time achievement by director Ang Lee if one only considers its unique, never before kind of visual impact alone. But honestly I couldn’t feel any human heartfelt touch in it and remembered getting more emotional with tears while watching a simple documentary instead made on a real life story called "Christian The Lion" which had no graphics, 3D or great scenic beauty at all...!

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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