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LOGAN (English/Hindi) - You will make faces, tighten your fists and do several things going through this brutal, cold blooded must watch thriller for sure. (Review by Bobby Sing)

03 Mar, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

LoganHugh Jackman, more fondly known as the face of X-Men character The Wolverine, comes up with a befitting swan song of the franchise as LOGAN that is sure going to be a largely satisfying experience for almost every fan of the series paying an emotional farewell.

Telling the story of mutants living in the near future, the film begins with Jackman working as a Limo driver taking care of the ailing Professor in a hide-out near the border. And the film has an interesting story plot beautifully merging the elements of family drama, action, suspense and emotional relationships between its characters making an instant connect. Building up the pace with an impressive beginning, it superbly picks up with the introduction of an amazing little girl and then never looks pack giving you enough to cheer in the next two hours executed skillfully.

Offering much more than just a superhero film (mostly) dependent upon its appealing VFX and action sequences, director James Mangold gracefully focuses on an ageing superhero and includes many touching moments in the narration too, resulting in a highly effective as well as emotional finale of the franchise as desired.

But on the other hand, LOGAN is an extremely harsh and uneasy watch too having many disturbingly violent sequences with the claws piercing through the bodies, faces and skulls quite brutally. Though the film does feature an outstanding performance of a young girl along with a group of kids, but it isn’t any ‘Kids movie’ at all rightly rated as ‘Strictly for Adults’ by the Censor board. Putting it differently, you are sure going to make faces, tighten your fists and do several things going through the two hours of this gory, cold blooded thriller capable of upsetting the faint hearted and uninformed viewers in particular.

With loads of bloodshed in its action sequences nicely inserted in the narrative taking the story forward, LOGAN has some exceptional VFX, cinematography and background score too complimenting the high paced action. Plus it has top notch performances from the entire cast enhancing its overall impact to many times especially for the die-hard fans.

Surprisingly the highlight of the film is not only the compelling performance of Hugh Jackman (in doubles) but also a thoroughly enjoyable and worth praising act of an 11 years old girl Dafne Keen (as the wonder kid), who despite not having many dialogues, literally kills it, especially towards the end presenting herself as a strong probable contender of taking the franchise forward. Patrick Stewart as Professor X delivers a mature performance and so does everyone in the supporting cast chosen perfectly. In short, one doesn’t need to be a fan of the comic series or the franchise to appreciate the sincere and impactful performances led by Hugh Jackman.

Having said that, LOGAN still remains a not to be missed movie of a specific genre, which might not appeal to many, not willing or habitual of watching such ‘out of the routine’ fictional and unbelievable stuff. But for the sincere fans of the series, this needs to be seen at the earliest and that too in the theater without any excuse, keeping aside your torrents, laptops or phones making an extra effort.

Rating : 4 / 5 (including the much deserving additional points for the spirited performance of the young girl)

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03 Mar 2017 / Comment ( 2 )

Hi Bobby Ji
I request you to please review the new english movie "Lion". This movie has been nominated for oscars and getting acclaimed everywhere. I recently watched this film. Although its a good movie and you actually connect with the characters and get emotional by the end of it, but theres something very wrong shown in this movie.

Its just a repetition of the \'slumdog millionaire\' concept. The messages which these type of movies give to the world are

1. India is a poor country full of slums and people who are either very poor and living in pathetic conditions or people who are corrupt and bad minded.

2. All the strangers you see on the road are bad people and we are a society full of thieves, dishonest people, pedophiles etc. Nobody will help a helpless poor child here in our society and all will take advantage of his condition for money

3. Nobody will help orphans in India and children get molested in orphanages and the only way for an orphan child to escape this horrible fate is if he is lucky enough to escape this country and get adopted by someone in a developed country. See how australia is shown in this film- all prosperous and flawless country, where no bad things happen. Indian is so blessed having been brought up in such a country!!!

It really pains me to see that foreign directors have only poverty to show when it comes to India. And all the foreign audience watches these movies and feel pity at us. And surprisingly these types of movies which show india in a bad state get worldwide acclaim and win oscars. Had the same movie been made by an Indian director with Indian actors, nobody would watch it.

One more thing which shows the hippocrisy of indian actors is seen in this movie. Nawazuddin who signs only those bollywood movies where he gets a lead role now a days, has done a very small and insignificant role of a pedophile in this movie. This proves that however small and petty a role may be in hollywood movies, our actors will take it.
I have lost all respect for the oscars after seeing this movie. I request you to please watch and review this movie and give your thoughts about the same. according to me it deserves more negative points than positive.

Thank you and as always keep up the good work.

Bobby Sing

Dear Anurag,
Will surely see the movie this weekend, but would honestly share that I felt great reading your comment as you have rightly caught these few western filmmakers who always prefer to show India in a poor light for some biased and questionably negative reasons of their own.

As you said, the same was rightly there in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE as there too India and its people were all portrayed in more or less grey shades. I am not aware whether you read my review of the film or not but it had the same expressions as mentioned in your comment.

Here is the link in case you haven't gone through it.

Will revert soon with more on LION as I get to see it.

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