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LOOOP LAPETA (Hindi) - Entangled in its time-loop format, this is yet again a messy film following the west. (Review By Bobby Sing)

12 Feb, 2022 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Movie Reviews / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / L / 2022 Releases

A keen follower of Hindi cinema of the last two decades would be well aware of the several releases revolving around the time-loop concept borrowed from original films like Groundhog Day (English/1993) and Run Lola Run (German/1998). For records, none of them could impress the Hindi film audience becoming a hit.
Ironically, post all those unofficial remakes in the past, now we finally have an official remake of Run Lola Run that yet again fails to leave any kind of positive impact on the viewers. Taking too long (about an hour) to get to its time-loop format, Looop Lapeta puts you off right away with a weird psychedelic kind of trashy beginning, spoiling the mood. As it progresses further, the execution neither works as a crime thriller nor serves anything through its forced comic moments, becoming a tough watch. Moreover, a lot gets lost in its over stylized presentation forgetting the end-user.
Both Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin keep enacting their roles as if something exceptional is being presented on the screen like never before. Probably that was the projection given to them in the narration and while shooting the sequences by the director Aakash Bhatia. However, I am sure they must be thinking what was Aakash up to directing such a lifeless film, while watching it in the pre-release previews. In reality, the actors are the first to realise the on-screen mess but they cannot reveal or accept the truth because of their professional commitments.
In short, it’s only the locations and art direction that give you something to watch in this vague attempt that many would like to stop in the middle. Thankfully at OTT, you have the option to finish such films in parts and that’s how I could also watch it in more than one sitting. The privilege is not available in the theatres and that is the reason such films receive much harsher criticism when released on the big screen. If truth be told, then one can often hear abuses and phrases like ‘Why did they have to make this?’ while moving out of the theatres.
Overall, Looop Lapeta deserves to be skipped and Taapsee seriously needs to come up with a film, wherein her critics are forced to say that this time the girl has performed quite differently.
However, if you are interested in watching something praiseworthy dealing with the time-loop theme, then you must watch the Telugu Web-Series Kudi Yedamaithe and Tamil film Maanaadu exploiting the subject in a novel style.
Rating: 1 / 5 
(Streaming on Netflix) 
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