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LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA - Movie Review : Worth watching experimental cinema from Mr. Dibaker Lucky Khosla on the lines of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's movies. (Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Mar, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Welcome Mr. Dibaker Lucky Khosla back onscreen, representing the new age Bollywood Cinema of the current times from the front. With a completely unexpected, novel and experimental kind of project, the director returns with a bang, walking on his own invented path, breaking all the pre-existing molds of film-making in India.

A few months back, I received a mail questioning why I had included Dibaker in my list of “Directors I Love” along with all the respected and well known names of Indian & World Cinema. The answer now comes in the form of “Love Sex And Dhokha”, a project which may or may not get instant appreciation from the common man, but will undoubtedly be remembered as an important breakthrough in Indian Cinema and its thought process on the medium.

First of all, don’t go for this movie, simply expecting many over the top, sexual sequences showing the skin, as suggested by its title. As a matter of fact, if you are just there in the theater, to watch a sex-movie then you are going to be disappointed a lot. Because this is not merely a sensational piece of work, trying to cash on its title and sex scenes. On the contrary LSD is a thought provoking film, which forces you to think about whether there still exists any private life in this fast progressing technical world around us? With spy cameras installed almost everywhere in this tech-savvy globe, have we completely lost all our private moments to the public or there still can be any solution to tackle this serious burning issue?

The movie basically showcases three distinct youthful stories, which have the important ingredients of love, passion, greed and lust in different dosages. All the three, are related to each other in a peculiar way, quite similar to the movies of the world renowned director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu of Amores Perros, 21 Grams and Babel fame. However, Dibaker
shows the interconnection between the 3, only towards their respective ends which actually provides another surprise element into the narration and works to a great extent. As far as camerawork is concerned, he also seems to be inspired from the recent Hit project shot on handy cam called “Paranormal Activity”.

Content wise, once again the director indicates his immense liking towards subjects inspired from the real life incidents. The movie is full of cases which you may have heard or seen on the net in the recent past. There are clear references of real life episodes such as Miss Merrut’s sting operation, MMS clips of a newly-wed, Sex clips of a young couple in a store and a Hip-Hop singer speaking Punjabi and getting involved in the case of casting couch. In fact Dibaker Bannerjee has got an unmatchable skill of using the real life news clips in his projects. And this is a proven fact, taking into account, both his previous movies which were highly inspired from real life facts and characters. However, his films might not always be a pleasant experience to watch with the entire family due to his overuse of abusive language and inclusion of highly suggestive sexual scenes in the scripts.

Besides this, the other exclusive master touch possessed by the director is the way he uses Punjabi language in his dialogues and also names of famous places of Delhi in his sequences. For instance just notice the way, the morning shift store girl (in the second story) speaks her dialogues with a distinctive Delhi Punjabi accent. It clearly shows the strong influence of Delhi and its friendly punjabi life style on Dibaker. Frankly speaking, I can easily vouch that till date the most authentic portrayal of the city Delhi and its life style can easily be found in all the three movies coming from the talented director in the recent years.

Coming to the technical aspects of the movie, Yes, the camera is shaking, the images get blurred and there is a substantial use of night vision. But these all concern you only for a few initial moments and that’s it. After the first few scenes, the subject takes you in and you simply forget about all the technical hitches coming on the screen at regular intervals. Especially the opening titles of the movie explain it all and help in building up the right mood for the movie’s novel concept and treatment.

Cinematography is simply superb, very realistic and leaves such an impact that at times you don’t even remember you are watching a movie in the theater. Particularly the use of Handy cams, security cameras and spy cameras is really commendable. Editing is fast, crisp and very close to the real life movement we all witness in our daily lives. Musically, the title track is very catchy and already popular in the youth. Another song of the movie, which had very vulgar lyrics, could not make it to the screen due to the strict censorship. But strangely, it is openly discussed by the characters in the third story. Also the creative artwork of the movie deserves a special mention as it is highly innovative and eye-catching. The film consists of all new talents who are able to impress and never ever show the signs of their first project on screen. Everyone just looks like his or her character in the script and their collectively effort is a real treat to watch.

The ruling queen of small screen, Ekta Kapoor has made a very noticeable debut in the genre of experimental cinema, which will surely bring her both profits and appreciation together. And what to say about the director, Dibaker Bannerjee! He won millions of hearts with his first two movies and now once again delivers a worth watching & path breaking project consistently. Unarguably, he is one of the most talented and innovative directors of our times who can ensure you serious content along with his own stamp of comedy and satire.

In simple words, if you eat, live & drink cinema then you are sure going to love this great piece of art. And for all other friends, who only watch movies as just another form of entertainment, you may or may not like it…..but you will not be able to neglect it.

Rating : 4 / 5  (Great! But more shocking content was being expected by all.)

(It straight away moves to my “Movies to See Before You Die” List.)

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19 Mar 2010 / Comments ( 4 )
Rohit Saxena

Bobby calls this head ache causing cinema must watch before die...Boss please tell audiences that this is nothing more than a documentry done on a trial basis. Mr. Dibakar is a wonderful director and he has proved that in the past but we cannot buy anything but sex on his name with ekta kapoor lending her shlulders. As a critic its you duty to stop taking sides/returning favours/create good will and tell the audience that they should watch this flick only if they are interested in sumthing different, but not nice.

If you are aware than Mr. Kumar Mohan of super cinema declined to review this film for is head ache content.

Bobby Sing

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for writing in.
I respect your opinion and also that of Mr. Kumar Mohan of Super Cinema.

Frankly speaking for many this may be a new or strange kind of experience and therefore they may not have liked it. But I would like to inform here that there are several world famous masterpieces around the globe which can seriously cause you a headache and can make your head spin with their out of the box thought process, camera treatment and styling. LSD was still very straight and easy going as compared to those movies and was surely worth a try from Dibaker.

Dear friend, we are not here to take sides / return favors or to create good will of any sort. 
We are here to write about Cinema, be it of any language, country or region. Sadly its only in India that the three letter world tends to take away all the limelight, putting the other major merits of a project at a side.

Why I have included that movie in my Must See Movies List, has too many reasons to explain in details. In short the movie is not only made to entertain. It has much more to teach about film-making. If Dibaker wanted to make it a controvertial thing then he could have easily added many more erotic scenes into it to justify its name. But instead many viewers found very less content of that sort as compared to its title. So he has not made a movie only around sex, but he has made a project to keep his own viewpoint in a new format.

Also there are several other movies on the similar concept such as "Look", which is quite similar to "LSD".

If you are interested I would like to recommend a few movies to watch in this context, which have the power to make the human head spin. They are :

1.  Requiem For A Dream
2.  Ir-reversible
3. Trainspotting
4. Amores Perrros 
5. Being John Malkovich  and
6. A Clockwork Orange

and the recent hit - Paranormal Activity

But you need real courage and patience to sit through them really.
Do write in if you see any one of them.

Thanks once again for your comment.  Cheers!


Dear Bobby,
I must appreciate that you have niche and unique sense of observation. I watched this movie last night as I was motivated by your reviews and By Joe, its a wonderful movie with such a hard hit.
I am still not able to get over the first story of it. Amazing concept, daring creativity and pitch black satire.
Thanks again for your genuine reviews.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Vinay Ji for your kind words.

If possible do also watch the movie "Look" from which more or less "LSD" was inspired. (also mentioned in my post related to it).

That is another experience to look out for...


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