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LUCY (English) - If only you can watch it for Scarlett alone. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]
01 Aug, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

‘Humans only make 10% use of their brain and what if there is a drug which can trigger it to 100% usage in just a few hours?’ - That’s the basic thought behind this science fiction cum action thriller cum philosophical film incorporating many vague metaphors at times conveying nothing.
Revealing its basic plot, LUCY is about a beautiful girl, who unintentionally gets caught in the international mafia trap and is given an unsafe drug which in turn enhances her body function drastically. The drug starts increasing her brain power in an unusual manner and she soon explores some exceptional super-powers much beyond the known capabilities of a normal human being, which in turn help her to break through the mysterious nexus of underworld, drug mafia, police and more. Her brain usage keeps on increasing as the film progresses further and it all ends when she eventually reaches to the maximum level of 100%.
Now the short synopsis shared above sure sounds pretty interesting but I wish the film was equally engaging too justifying its novel concept. It has a promising start featuring a betraying friend and the Chinese don but soon starts giving away due to a weak script and too much focus kept on its style and presentation. The film actually doesn’t work because of its thin storyline stretched for long and an unconvincing narration, despite having some excellent production values and superb graphics.
With an otherwise fine performance by Scarlett Johansson, who later fails to leave an impact due to the ineffective culmination of a great plot, LUCY also wastes Morgan Freeman as the professor/researcher working on the brain concept. The film doesn’t explode later as per the expectations raised in the first ten minutes and hence can easily be rated as a flat science fiction which keeps on giving some forced philosophical lessons at regular intervals in vain. In fact LIMITLESS (2011) made on a similar concept was a far better entertainer comparatively.
In short, LUCY’s brain might have reached its 100% in the script, but the film couldn’t even reach 50% in terms of satisfaction offered, honestly. So you can opt for it only in case you don’t mind watching Scarlett alone for those 90 minutes.
Rating : 2 / 5

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01 Aug 2014 / Comments ( 6 )
Rohit Sharma

Thanks a ton, Bobby for saving my ticket's money as i was planning to watch after reading its brief synopsis(which seemed interesting) somewhere. But, your precise review has made me change my mind.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Rohit, But honestly that was my personal view of the film which many might not agree to.
Keep visiting and writing in,

rahul pagaria

Hi Mr Bobby,

You have failed to see the deep embedded message in the movie

If you analyze, the movie is about GOD and the concept of religion.
But to name it would have defeated the purpose and distracted the essence

What we have learnt in our history about kewal gyaan is somehow manifested in the movie.
I am not going to explain more because i want you to feel the message and not over look it

Rahul Pagaria.

Bobby Sing

Hi Rahul,
Thanks for writing in but honestly I would only like to partially agree with the point mentioned in your comment.

Yes, every film based on a concept which wishes to change the 'Vidhi Ka Vidhaan' or change 'the natural course of things' is talking about GOD.
But actually its not about the GOD but posing as a competition to the concept of GOD wishing the desired change.

Yes the film did tend to do that but I frankly didn't feel any kind of spirituality in there as I recently found in Rajit Kapoor's ANKHON DEKHI.

So here we might be having a difference of opinion but its fine as that keeps the spirit alive.

Keep visiting and writing in,

Balvinder Singh Bison
I like this film .. I don't know who is scarlet ... I don't know who is Morgan Freeman ... I just observe the rays, hopes, knowledge, extended approach to human brain. Antar kaisa tohi mohi ..... I am everywhere !

no words to define my thoughts ...

God created you and me with different approach .... no one is wrong ... we both are right at our max.

Bobby Sing

Dear Balwinder Singh,
Its not about the difference of opinion at all and its perfectly fine if you like a film watching it with your own point of view.
Actually the difference here is about how many other films one has seen on the similar or related subjects achieving a different kind of excellence.

In other words, If a person has not seen many of other gems, he will consider this a masterpiece and if a person has seen much better then he will know where it missed the target in execution.

So its actually not about the film, its about where we are coming from standing at our individual spots.
And sorry I am not used to relating just everything and anything to religious quotes.

Thanks for visiting and writing in.

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