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LUPT - Another wasted opportunity offering nothing new. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

02 Nov, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

A few weeks back we witnessed a new breakthrough in Indian Horror films, in terms of concept and visualization, far different from the usual routine stuff in TUMBBAD. But this week we are back to the same clichéd stuff presented in the typical style where a spirit is taking its revenge from a family for a hidden crime committed by one of them in the past.

Progressing on a completely predictable plot with no unexpected shocks or twists in its storyline, LUPT also disappoints with a below average execution and the performers not coming up with anything noticeable in their routine, unconvincing act. Presented as a road journey with people dying one by one, LUPT doesn’t justify its title too missing the expected suspense or the much required mystery element.

In short, the only positive feature of this supposedly horror film, written and directed by Prabhuraj is the interaction between a money-minded father and his carefree, prankster son, which actually hasn’t got anything to do with the horror genre. Moreover it’s really surprising to see an actor like Vijay Raaz being wasted in a few scenes saying some weird dialogues, whereas he could have been easily used to add a new dimension into the otherwise rotten proceedings. No doubt both Vijay and Javed Jaffery did this film for a timely flow of money and nothing else, which is a pity, pointing towards how we literally kill our actors offering them such repetitive and meaningless roles.
In all, there is nothing suspenseful or frightening in this horror film titled LUPT which did raise some expectations with its title, cast and trailer promising something better in content. So you can easily skip it in the theaters in this festive season.
Rating : 1 / 5

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