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Lady For A Day (1933) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama/Comedy)

09 Nov, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

If you love watching all those down to earth, light hearted comic yet enlightening movies of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, but still haven’t seen any of FRANK CAPRA works then you are simply missing a lot. In straight words (with due respect), I strongly feel that the master film-maker FRANK CAPRA must have been a constant source of inspiration for the Indian maestro since both have the same kind of feel, warmth and affection in their famous films.

Out of the rich Capra repertoire, here we are talking about one of his earliest “Lady For a Day” made in 1933, which remains the most important film of the director’s career because he chose this particular film to be re-made as his final contribution to the world, (his last film) re-named as “A Pocketful of Miracles” in 1961. So clearly the script must have been very close to Frank’s heart for all these decades of his illustrious career.
Based on an emotional story of a poor old lady and her loving relationships with the people around her, the film still feels fresh and lively even after almost 80 years of its making. With everyone shining bright with their brilliant performances, well written dialogues and emotional sequences, it is a must watch for every movie freak who is gifted with a tender heart full of feelings. Without revealing its main plot I would only like to say that the movie builds up very calmly introducing every small character on the screen to the viewer and then delivers a superb climax which will surely bring tears to your eyes along with a faint smile on your lips. It teaches a very adorable lesson to all that every person in this world, whether good or bad, does have a soft corner in his heart for love and emotions.
“Lady For A Day” also remains a landmark film in the World Cinema as its theme and characters later inspired many more films in the other parts of the world which include Jackie Chan’s JI JI or MIRACLE (1989), Dharmendra’s LOAFER (1973) and the most recent Akshay Kumar’s SINGH IS KINNG (2008). It also strongly reminds you of the similar characterisations and instances in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's MEM DIDI (1961), which was also remade by the director as ACHHA BURA in 1983 (which is a truly amazing similarity between the projects of both the directors)  So that gives you another reason to watch this ORIGINAL CLASSIC as a must at the earliest.
Ironically its remake by Frank Capra himself, titled “A Pocket Full of Miracles” didn’t work at the box office in 1961 since it lacked the real depth of emotions as was there in its original (again just like Mukherjee's remake of his own film).

Hence “Lady For A Day” still remains the first choice of movie lovers all over the world out of its two versions by the gifted director.
Directed By Frank Capra
Starring: May Robson, Warren William and more.

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