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Lahore (2010) & Best of the Best (1989)

18 May, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / L

“Lahore” released in 2010, was a movie made on sports theme, which had a brilliant climax where sportsman spirit and love for the motherland was shown in a superb style. It had awards and festivals nominations very prominently mentioned all over its posters. The movie no-doubt was a good attempt and it even earned respectable appreciation from both the press and the industry.

But recently as I was informed about its real secret by a friend and an avid movie lover Tabeesh…., I was shocked, stunned and quite disheartened to know its bitter truth behind the curtain. The film which won all those awards and rave reviews, actually took its major content from another movie of the past, based on Tae Kwan Do, released in 1989.
The entire plot of a fighter dying in the ring and then his brother fighting the same opponent after a while, who decides not to hit the final punch and lets his challenger win with only one point lead in the end is all there in “Best of the Best” directed by Robert Radler.
Further, the subject of Kick Boxing - a similar sport close to Tae Kwan Do, the honest character of the coach, an international game between two countries, the winner apologizing for the loss of his rival’s brother and then the winning team players giving their medals to the runners up in the climax, showing their true sportsman spirit was all originally incorporated in “Best of The Best” (1989).
I wonder how anyone in the reputed panels of the festival circuits or even movie reviewers in the print media, never revealed about this inspiration angle in the script. On technical grounds, yes, “Lahore” was an appreciable effort but on moral grounds, I seriously wish it was an original effort of the team.

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18 May 2010 / Comments ( 4 )

bobby gets greattt.... Tell us more about bollywood shame its hard and veryyyy sad to believe we r the same even in 21st centuryy saddddd , i am a film maker i will never do this INSHAALLAH THIS IS REALLYYY SAD SAD SAD BAD.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Mohsin, i will try best to keep you informed.........so just keep visiting......Cheers!


Thanx Bobby for writing the review and letting the public know about this shameless copying!!!

Bobby Sing

You are always welcome Tabish.
So keep sending more such info to enlighten us all.


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