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Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure)

02 Nov, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Adventure

This is David Lean’s world famous epic, widely considered as one of the Top 10 Movies made in the history of cinema. As a requisite, the movie has to be there in every Must See Movies List compiled by anyone on the globe. And in absence of the incomparable masterpiece, the list would be taken as incomplete. Based on the life or T. E. Lawrence and his emotional war experiences in Arabia, the flick is a fine example of cinematic excellence unbelievably achieved in the year of 1962. In other words, it’s nearly impossible to even think of making a movie with such a vast canvas and grandeur in the current times. It’s both practically and financially unimaginable to do that.
And that proves how important and influential the movie is for every film-maker in the world of cinema.

 “Lawrence of Arabia” excels in every department of its making and for that it deservedly won 7 Academy Awards in 1963 including the Best Picture, Direction, Cinematography and Musical Score Awards. It is unarguably, once in a lifetime kind of work done by the legendary director David Lean in which he successfully painted the screen with never seen before sort of images, magnificent locations and stunning sequences. Along with its splendid cinematography and execution, the director makes you watch the screen with your eyes wide open. The never before kind of shots unfolding on the screen, force you to think about how on earth they thought of doing it and that too with such amazing elegance and conviction, beyond comparison.
But frankly speaking, in my opinion the movie would mean more to the people who understand the medium and its making. It is superb piece of art for the ones involved in the similar arts and for the students of cinema. But for others, who just watch a movie for entertainment and passing time, it may not appeal to that extent due to many reasons. First of all the length of the movie which goes over three hours, may discourage their spirit of watching it patiently. And secondly the current generation who lives in the age of jet speed and instant coffee, might find the classic too slow in its proceedings. Putting it differently, it requires your complete attention, interest and a lot of time to grasp this monumental kind of work in the field of cinema. It doesn’t deserve to be seen just like another Friday movie in the weekend.
The milestone is a text book to be studied by the young film-makers from different angles. It actually requires repeated viewing by the students in order to study the finer aspects of its each department individually. Especially the cinematography, which in reality is almost impossible to recreate in the present scenario. With Computer graphics available at the next door, now, who cares to shoot an actual sunrise, standing in the dark with the whole team ready? And who can think of a long shot in the desert wherein a person is coming on his camel from a long distance into the camera at his actual speed. Undeniably, a definitive work in the field of cinematography aptly acknowledged as the best ever in the history of cinema.
I really wish I could see the well crafted work on the wide big screen. Watching it on the small screen in the cinemascope format is just not the right way of enjoying it. But with no choice left, I had to watch it more than once to have a satisfying experience for myself. The movie starts impressing you from the first frame itself and you at once realize that you are going to watch something real big. Just see how Sir David Lean makes use of every tiny part of the screen carefully. The vastness of the wide desert, the emptiness of the screen and the huge war sequences are a real treat for the eyes. In fact, each time you see it again, you are bound to see a different aspect of the screen image and that’s the beauty of his flawless direction.
But here I have to accept that the movie definitely impressed me more with its direction, cinematography and unbelievable execution and less with its story plot inspired from real life. But nevertheless, it remains one of the finest movies in the world of cinema which has to be seen by every lover of the art as a mandatory clause.
Interestingly the hugely famous movie has also got its big connection with our own Bollywood. The famous actor, comedian & director I. S. Johar is there in the movie playing a significant cameo of Gasim, who gets saved by Lawrence himself. And it was indeed a proud feeling to see an Indian actor featuring in one of the Top 10 movies made in the history of cinema.
That’s another reason you must see “Lawrence of Arabia” at the earliest and morevoer they are not going to make anything like this ever again in the future.
Directed By David Lean
Starring : Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif, I. S. Johar & more.

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02 Nov 2009 / Comment ( 2 )

I completely agree with u bobby. Its really a world famous epic.. I watched this movie without break, even it has 4 hrs runtime. Awesome performance by Peter o\'toole and omar sharif too.. nice to see the review of this movie from ur blog. :)

Bobby Sing

Thanks Naresh and Keep Writing....!


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